News : Super League: Twelve top European football clubs announce the Super League

News : Super League: Twelve top European football clubs announce the Super League

In the end there had been rumors, albeit very specific. But on Monday night, twelve top European football clubs made statements on several of their websites officially: They want to found a European super league as soon as possible, which will play its games in the middle of the week. This would put them in direct competition with the Champions League, for example.

According to a statement by the Super League, which is organized by its founding clubs, six clubs from the English Premier League are represented:

  • Arsenal FC

  • Chelsea FC

  • Liverpool FC

  • Manchester city

  • Manchester United

  • Tottenham Hotspur

There are also teams from Spain and Italy:

  • AC Milan

  • Atlético Madrid

  • FC Barcelona

  • Inter Milan

  • Juventus FC

  • real Madrid

Three more teams are due to join the league at the start. Five other teams could qualify for participation annually, so a total of 20 clubs will play a winner each year.

The start should be “as soon as practically feasible,” it said in the joint statement. The league gets a starting budget of 3.5 billion euros, and a women’s super league is also being planned.

Little enthusiasm at Fifa

Without naming the planned Super League, the world football association Fifa spoke out against the project again immediately after the clubs announced the plans and expressed their “disapproval”. “From our point of view and in accordance with our statutes, every competition in football, whether national, regional or global, should reflect the basic principles of solidarity, inclusiveness, integrity and equal financial redistribution,” the statement said. This was sent on Monday night.

Associations should use every opportunity in law, sport and diplomacy to ensure that this continues to be the case. Against this background, Fifa can only “express its disapproval” for a closed European runaway league that does not respect the principles mentioned, it said. Fifa calls on all parties involved to take part in a “calm, constructive and balanced dialogue”.

The league plans had previously been criticized by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron.

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