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Supercup in Dortmund: Bayern is waiting for Leroy Sané - Sport

  • Bayern needs new players - this finding is solidified even after the defeat in Dortmund in the Supercup.
  • Striker Lewandowski is openly demanding reinforcements, Leroy Sané is due to come to Munich soon, but he is injured.

It was almost exactly a year ago, as Uli Hoeneß announced that Bayern should now be "working properly" again. Niko Kovac was the new coach, the Munich moved to the training camp in the tranquil village of Rottach-Egern at the southern end of Tegernsee. You could see Kovac, as he gave energetic instructions, you saw sweaty players, it even made rumors the round, Kovac could his men like Felix Magath once again scare the 1722 meter high Wallberg. The biggest concern then: Does the hard training not overload? Did not do it. Days later, FC Bayern Eintracht Frankfurt made 5-0 in the Supercup.

This year, the order is reversed, first Supercup, then Tegernsee, and for worrying about overburdening is this time between all the other Bavarian worries simply no place. The FC Bayern hopes that he can somehow credibly divide this preparation in two parts: in the turbulent phase before the Tegernsee - and in a departure phase after the Tegernsee.

Sané's greeting could be a "now-is-first-going" signal

The 0: 2 in the Supercup against Dortmund revealed at least some weaknesses of the Bavarians - although the Munich people at times receive sizable actions, which, however, were not consistently played to the end. Tell-tale was already the immediate reaction after the final whistle, as the entire FC Bayern boardroom after the game immediately went to the team. The Dortmund stadium is built so that the VIP seats are not over as usual, but against the exchange bank.

Premier League Sané injured on the knee

Sané injured at the knee

Mancity coach Guardiola uses the FC Bayern-courted Leroy Sané in the Supercup in the starting XI against Liverpool - after twelve minutes, the striker must be replaced.

So President Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had to march across the grass to get to the team and of course picked up a giant whistle concert from the South Stand. One saw Hoeneß talking to Kovac, going to individual players. This image of concern and unity was obviously very important to the possibly outgoing president in the current situation.

In the 90 minutes before, the bosses were able to look at all their current problems in a compressed manner: the lack of pace in the BVB counterattacks, which led to the defeat there last year; the deficient tactical vote in midfield; the thin squad who does not even fill out the spare bench completely - and above all the general irritability, because everything does not run as smoothly as the Bavarians are used to.

This was symbolized by Joshua Kimmich's kick against Sancho and the reactions to it. Kimmich rose to the best Dortmund player in the 76th minute with the studs on the foot when he wanted to have the ball to the throw. He saw only yellow, even after review by the video referee. Kimmich claimed he had no intention of "pulling the ball with his sole, and then Sancho interposed his leg." On TV pictures it looked rather as if he would kick him out of frustration. Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic delivered the steepest interpretation of the evening by saying that it was not even a yellow card.

Bundesliga The giant through the legs

BVB vs Bayern in the Supercup

The giant through the legs

Impudence does not always win, but sometimes: In the Supercup against Bayern present the Dortmund not only a clever strategy, but also their broad-based luxury squad.From Freddie Röckenhaus

All transfer construction sites are to be completed by 2 September

That Munich frustration was there, that was undeniable. Kimmich spoke of a "mistake-Festival", he recognized a pattern, how FC Bayern in Dortmund conceded his goals, and attested the team naivety. Manuel Neuer expressed it in essence similar, but more diplomatic, Robert Lewandowski drastic.

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