News : Supercup in live ticker – Liverpool vs. Chelsea: extension after 90 minutes

News :

Supercup in live ticker - Liverpool vs. Chelsea: extension after 90 minutes

Coach Jürgen Klopp takes on Liverpool for the next title. In the European Supercup, the Champions League winner in Istanbul meets Europa League winner Chelsea. The Reds have to do without the injured goalkeeper Alisson Becker. The game in the live ticker.

Liverpool FC - Chelsea 2: 2 (0: 1, 1: 1)

Liverpool FC: Adrian - Gomez, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson (91st Alexander-Arnold) - Fabinho, Milner (64th Wijnaldum), Henderson - Oxlade-Chamberlain (46th Firmino), Mané (103rd Origi), Salah
Chelsea FC:
Kepa - Azpilicueta, Zouma, Christensen (84th Tomori), Emerson - Kovacic, Kanté, Jorginho - Pedro, Giroud (74th Abraham), Pulisic (74th Mount).

Gates: 0: 1 Giroud (36th), 1: 1 Mané (48th), 2: 1 Mané (95th), 2: 2 Jorginho (penalty kick / 100th)

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109th minute: Alexander-Arnold pulls up against Mount elbow and sees yellow.

106 minutes: The second half of the extra time runs.

105 +. 2 Minute: The first half of the extension will be whistled. 15 minutes remain the two teams for a winner - otherwise we go to the penalty shootout.

104 minutes: Giant chance for Chelsea! Pedro puts down on the baseline on Abraham, who takes the ball directly in the six-yard space - and pushes him past the far post.

103rd minute: Klopp again brings a fresh striker for the final stages of the game. Double goalscorer Mané goes from the field, comes for him Origi.

100th Minute: Chelsea makes the equalizer to 2: 2! Jorginho sends Adrian into the wrong corner and then pushes in on the bottom right.

99th minute: Foul penalty for Chelsea! Adrian comes too late against Abraham - referee Frappart shows immediately to the point.

95 minutes: Toooooor for Mané! Is this the title salvation for Klopp? Firmino bet on the baseline on Mané, who pushes the ball from eight meters with a right under the crossbar. 2: 1 for the Reds!

92nd minute: Gomez moves from the left side, Kepa catches the ball.

91st minute: The first half of the extension begins. Alexander-Arnold arrives at Robertson at Liverpool.

90 +. 2 Minute: That's it! After the regular season, it is 1: 1, so we go into extra time.

90th minute: There is two minutes extra time.

89th minute: Mount hits a corner from the left dangerous to the center, where Zouma but then beheaded quite clearly over the crossbar. Will a team still succeed in the last few minutes of the lucky punch?

85th minute: Henderson holds Emerson in midfield on the jersey and sees yellow.

83 minutes: Substitute Mount hits the far post from 16 meters into the far corner of the Liverpool goal but is offside. Furthermore, it is 1: 1.

81st minute: Salah performs. Abraham climbs up the wall and heads the ball over the crossbar.

79th minute: Matip hits a long ball on Mané, who is beaten 20 meters in front of Azpilicueta's goal. Yellow for the Chelsea defender and free kick for Liverpool from a promising central position.

75th. Minute: Double gloss act by Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa! First he parried with one hand the low shot of Salah. He steers Van Dijk's margin from close range to the crossbar.

74th minute: That was the last action of Pulisic. The American is replaced by the Englishman Mount. Chelsea also changes: Abraham comes for Giroud new in the blizzard of the blues.

72nd minute: Kovacic and Pulisic combine beautifully through Liverpool's half. Pulisic finishes 16 meters, Van Dijk can still block the attempt.

65th minute: Giroud fits flat from the right side into the middle, where Pulisic takes the ball directly. The foot of Gomez blocked the shot on target of ex-Dortmund, who makes today a really good game.

64th minute: Second change at Liverpool: Wijnaldum comes for Milner.

57th minute: Milner and Salah play a dangerous double pass in the last third. Kanté has paid attention and intervenes at the last moment.

50th minute: Fabinho shoots hard from 16 yards out on goal and only just barely past the right post.

48th Minute: Toooor for Liverpool! Mané dusted after a cross pass from Fabinho from five meters, shortly before Kepa was still with his finger on the ball.

46th minute: Re-start - the second half is on. Klopp reacts by changing to the residue. For the second half Firmino comes back for Oxlade-Chamberlain into play.

45 +. 1 Minute: Halftime whistle in Istanbul. Liverpool started off with some chances, but Chelsea is the game-winning side. Thanks to Giroud's 36th-minute goal, the Blues lead 1-0 - this lead could be even higher. Klopps Reds have to improve significantly in the second round to compete successfully in this final.

43 minutes: Chelsea now makes the much more lively impression. Again and again, the blues succeed in overcoming Liverpool's defense with steep passes from midfield. Jürgen Klopp can not like that.

39th minute: Again the ball wriggles in the Liverpool goal - this time it's Pulisic! That was a very strong single action by the American, but he was offside when taking the ball. The hit is not recognized.

36 minutes: Tooooor for Chelsea! Pulisic with the class preparatory work for Giroud, who pushes in from the right angle at the bottom right.

33rd minute: Pedro cuts through the entire Liverpool defense with a magic pass, Kovacic comes six meters from the goal to the ball. Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian has smelled that, comes from the line and parried the ball. Very strong action of the replacement keepers of Liverpool.

30th minute: Next corner for Liverpool, next chance! This time Milner leads from the right side. Mané gets a free kick on the ball, but Kepa dives on the line to catch the ball safely.

29 minutes: Van Dijk heads a corner from Milner just over the gate. Lucky for Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa, who had run from the line, but did not catch the ball with his fist.

24th minute: Giroud does it after mané and tries it by way of a fallback. However, the Frenchman does not catch the ball clean and aims his shin a meter past the left post.

22nd minute: Big chance for Chelsea! Pedro plays a quick double pass with Giroud, then refuels into Liverpool's penalty area and hits the crossbar from an acute angle.

20 minutes: Kovacic plays a dream pass over 20 meters in the course of Pedro. But Robertson keeps up the pace with the Chelsea striker and spits the ball off his foot. Class defense action of the left-back.

16 minutes: This is the best chance of the game! Liverpool counters quickly - and suddenly Salah runs alone in the penalty area to Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa. At an acute angle, Salah aims for a long corner with the outside ball - Kepa dives down and parries the ball.

13 minutes: Salah sends Henderson down the right side with a pass. The Englishman crosses dangerously in front of the Chelsea goal, where Christensen heads clear before Mané.

11th minute: First goal of Chelsea. Henderson leaves Pedro too much space. The winger takes short of the penalty area from a half-right position measurement. Just past the long post.

5th minute: Mané thrashes a high ball in the penalty area acrobatically by throwing his foot on goal, his attempt is blocked by Christensen and defused.

3rd minute: Chelsea have more possession in the first minutes but are under pressure from Liverpool. The Reds press as desired very high.

1st minute: Referee Stephánie Frappart whistles - Liverpool with the impulse.

20:53: A few minutes before the kick-off, dozens of Turkish dancers set the spectators in the game at Besiktas Stadium.

20:25: Jürgen Klopp has to give up on Naby Keita at short notice, who has suffered a muscle strain. In the midfield of the Reds start for Fabinho, Milner and Henderson.

8:15 pm: At Chelsea, ex-Dortmund Christian Pulisic is against Jürgen Klopp Liverpool in the starting eleven.

19:35: Welcome to the live ticker on FOCUS Online. The showdown between the winner of the Champions League and the Europa League winner will take place this year in Istanbul. The most important information about the duel between Liverpool and Chelsea:

Competition: The Supercup has been officially hosted by UEFA since 1973. Record winners are FC Barcelona and AC Milan, each with five wins. As the only German club in 2013, Bayern Munich had brought the UEFA title. Liverpool triumphed three times so far (1977,2001,2005), Chelsea won in 1998. The Supercup winner not only gets a nice cup and a title for the letterhead, but also 4.5 million euros. The loser still drives home with 3.5 million euros.

Statistics: Even though it would be expected that the Champions League winner would often prevail, the statistics are almost balanced. Of the 43 Supercup games won only 23 times the winner of the higher-class competition in the preseason. However, Liverpool is also considered a favorite aside from last season. The team of Jürgen Klopp won the prelude of the Premier League last weekend superior with 4: 1 against promoted Norwich City. Chelsea went with the new coach Frank Lampard 0-4 at Manchester United.

Jürgen Klopp: Three times, the 52-year-old just missed the Supercup. 2013 with Borussia Dortmund against Munich and 2018 with Liverpool against Real Madrid, he lost the final of the premier class, 2016 Klopp defeated with the Reds in the final of the Europa League Manchester City. After the Liverpool triumph in June against Tottenham Hotspur but now everything was different, said the former Bundesliga coach.

Istanbul: The fans of the Reds will especially have good memories of the Turkish metropolis. Istanbul hosted the legendary Champions League final in 2005, when Liverpool lost 3-0 to AC Milan at half-time, but then won on penalties. However, the match took place in the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, a good distance from the new Besiktas Park, which is played on Wednesday.

Security: To prevent incidents among the English fans, the Turkish police goes up large. According to the T24 news platform, 15,000 officials are deployed throughout the city, including 8,500 around the stadium. Chelsea have requested 5000 tickets, Liverpool 8000 tickets. The Besiktas Park holds a good 38,000 spectators.

Referee: For the first time, a referee will play a major UEFA competitive game in men's football. The association nominated the Frenchwoman Stéphanie Frappart. "She is very, very good," said UEFA refereeing chief Roberto Rosetti on the 35-year-old who has been in Ligue 1 since the spring. "She knows everything about football and is mentally very strong, she's ready for this game."



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