News : 'SuperMonday': Best Spanish brand for Hortelano and fifth in history for Guerrero

News :

'SuperMonday': Best Spanish brand for Hortelano and fifth in history for Guerrero

Bruno Hortelano, during his career in Andorra / EFE

often athletics monday our athletes have given us. How eager we were to experience sessions like this! To start (and a day later than planned), Bruno Hortelano jumped onto the track of the Andorra Communal Stadium in the Nationals of the Principality and beat the Best Spanish Brand in history in the non-approved distance of 150 meters.

The Madrilenian achieved a record of 15:42 with almost 2m / s of headwind (the feeling is that the Spanish record holder of 100, 200 and 400 meters is worth much less). Bruno has improved the previous record set by Francisco Julián Samaniego (1990) by eight hundredths (Samaniego ran on that occasion 30 years ago in 15:50 ″). It was scheduled to run this Sunday, but a tremendous waterspout that fell on the Andorran country forced the outcome of the second day of the Principality Nationals to be postponed.

For her part, Esther Guerrero has put the icing on this magnificent Monday shortly after, but a good distance away. The Catalan competed, along with several other Spaniards, in Sollentuna (Sweden) in the 800 test and has achieved her personal best and fifth best Spanish in history. The one from Banyoles stopped the clock at 2:00:56 and is tied with Montse Pujol. Ahead he only has Nuria Fernández (2:00:35), Rosa Colorado (2:00:33), Mayte Martínez (1:57:62) and Maite Zúñiga (1:57:45).

Marisa Pérez has been fourth in the 100 (12: 0 ″). The rest of the marks were 47:17 ″ for Samu García in the 400, 1:46:50 and 1:47:24 respectively for Saúl Ordóñez and Mariano García in the 800, 52:64 for Aleix Porras in the 4 hurdles and 4:20:93 for Solange Pereira in 1,500. Toni Abadía dropped out in the middle of the race in 2000 and we are waiting to find out more about his physical condition.

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