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Suunto 7, analysis, opinion and offer

Suunto surprises with the launch of its latest bet on sports watches, Suunto 7. And with this piece it hits the table because, attention, it comes with a bread under the arm baked by Google, Wear OS by Google or, what is the same, the operating system that Google has developed for wearables and watches. This is always good news for the support and compatibility it guarantees. But let's look deeply at this piece of novelty because it promises.

Suunto 7, the missing piece in the puzzle

It was foreseeable that having a Suunto 3 Fitness, a Suunto 5 and a Suunto 9 and 9 Baro, at any time the number 7 head would appear, but instead of just putting together a clock with intermediate qualities and functionalities between 5 and 5 9, Suunto has opted for another concept of a totally innovative watch that contrasts completely with its current line of watches by including Wear OS by Google.

It does not stop being a risky bet, since it should not be easy to merge the concepts of sports watch and smartwatch without having had a previous one; We will see how they manage it. On the other hand, the acquisition of Fitbit by Google strengthens its Wear OS and gives more foundations and credibility to the project. In that sense we can think that they will try their best to solve one of its weakest points, and that is that it sucks battery like a vacuum cleaner.

This is the bet of the Finnish brand to dodge in a combined way the blows that come from iWatch on the side of the smartwatches and from Garmin and Polar on the purely sporty side. We will see how this new warrior is fighting the battle.

Suunto 7 models

General description

Suunto 7, a watch for everything

With Wear OS, this watch is capable of offering maps, route tracking, contactless payments, music from streaming platforms, 24/7 activity tracking, monitoring of 70 activities traditionally covered by Suunto, etc., etc. I give you an important question, and that is It is not a multisport watch and therefore it is not suitable for triathlon.

Features and technical specifications

We have a round clock with 4 physical buttons, 3 on the right and one on the upper left side.

  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Dimensions: 50 mm diameter with 15.3 mm thickness
  • Bezel: Stainless Steel
  • Lens: Gorilla Glass
  • Housing: Polyamide and fiberglass
  • Strap: Silicone, with 24 mm width for dolls between 130 and 230 mm
  • Display: Color, touch, AMOLED, 454 × 454 pixels and brightness up to 1000 nits
  • Autonomy: Used as smartwatch up to 2 days; GPS mode up to 12 hours; with music up to 8 hours; in time mode with energy saving up to 40 hours.
  • Sensors and connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC chip for contactless payments, satellite antenna (GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, BEIDOU), barometer, thermometer, wrist FC sensor
  • Storage memory: 8 GB
  • Water resistance 50 meters
  • Vibration and sound: Yes

Functionalities of Suunto 7

Broadly speaking, it can be said that this watch is valid for almost everything (provided you are not a triathlete or James Bond, in which case you will fall short) and also includes music playback from the watch, free offline outdoor maps, heart rate from the wrist, more than 70 sport modes, and all monerías that contributes its pact with Google; read Google Fit, Google Assistant, Google Pay or the application platform Google Play.

You can imagine the range of possibilities that opens when you can install Google Play applications ... it's like having lots of programmers suddenly at the service of our watch. This was something never seen in Suunto and at the same time is the cornerstone of the iWatch and one of the great tricks of Garmin, which until now had made their watches more versatile against the Suunto.

Outdoor functions:

  • Trail in real time, although it does not give us directions and only marks the route. That is, we will not have a "turn right" even though you mount a speaker.
  • Offline outdoor maps, and free.
  • Heat maps for 15 sports. The “hot” zones or trails indicate the most common routes for training, based on the activities that users of the Suunto community have carried out.
  • FusedAlti. It has this tool developed from Suunto 9 that combines GPS and barometric altitude data for greater accuracy.
  • Meteorological information, with sunrise and sunset time, storm alarm, pressure, temperature, etc.

Training functions. I highlight a few:

  • To emphasize that measures the FC when swimming. This is a positive for the final evaluation.
  • Compatible with FC belt.
  • Needless to say, calories, real-time HR values, etc., etc. All the daily activity tracking features offered by Google Fit.
  • Pear Trainning Effect.
  • Recovery time. Estimate the necessary rest time to be able to perform the following physical activity.
  • Compatible with Strava, Endomondo, Trainin Peaks, etc. It includes a Value Pack with offers, tests and discounts in a lot of partner companies. For example 3 months free in Endomondo premium, the same with Mapmyrun ... If we want to pimp with these applications it is luxurious because at a stroke we can try everything and then decide in a well-founded way.
  • Of the sports capabilities, it focuses on the three most popular (race, cycling and swimming) but it has 70 sport modes pre-installed on the watch, and in them we can configure numerical screens between 3 and 5 fields.
    • Career. Here we are going to have FusedSpeed, a feature of Suunto that combines the information of all its sensors for greater reliability. It also compares you laps and yields half-lap and maximum pace data in real time. Come on, you can't go crazy doing series.
    • Cycling. Interesting things like average speed in real time, power data and lap table.
    • Swimming. That said, HR record during swimming, pool and open water (oh yeah!), Stroke frequency, count and type, stroke efficiency (SWOLF), automatic intervals, etc.

Suunto 7 price and offer

€ 479 are to blame friends. That is the number awarded in the starting gun, but here you will always have the best updated offer as soon as it is available.

At the moment there are 5 designs to choose from, with exact materials and for the same price, which makes things quite easy. And believe me when I tell you that it is appreciated, because if for example you have in mind to acquire a Garmin Fenix ​​6, you will first have to do a master's degree in features and prices of all its versions.

At the moment I leave you with your relatives 5 and 9 Baro until the first offers fall:

Suunto 9 Baro GPS Multisport Watch, Unisex, White, 24.5 cm
Suunto 5 GPS multisport watch, adult unisex, mineral glass, stainless steel, silicone, black (all black), SS050299000

Opinion and conclusions on Suunto 7

At the moment we are with the previous one and, although it already covers my wrist (with great comfort, by the way) I will not throw a final verdict until in a few days, at which time I will have the sensations well polished.

Avanzo which is an impeccable, attractive and comfortable design watch. The sphere is simply brutal, and the heat maps change as you move in real time, indicating which are the busiest areas in case you want to run there.

The issue of the battery and Wear OS that first seems not so dramatic, but I place the assessment to the final test.

This is a watch geared towards virtually anyone who has a physical activity in their life routine, but if we spin fine, I don't think I can satisfy a potential Suunto 9 Baro buyer. It is not a rough and rugged mountain watch with a brutal autonomy like that of 9. This is for someone who comes home every night (or every two: D) and plug their watch quietly into the power supply as if it were a mobile. It is not an adventurer's watch.

This is focused on a possible buyer of iWatch, or perhaps Garmin Venu or Vivoactive 4. I don't know to what extent they are comparable but at least you have a few strokes of where the thing is going.

Stay tuned because very soon you will have all the information of this more than interesting watch.


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