News : Suunto 7 Titanium, Analysis and Opinion

News : Suunto 7 Titanium, Analysis and Opinion

The Suunto 7 update is here: Suunto 7 Titanium. And it is that there are two new premium versions of this very interesting watch that I leave here in an image to later tell you what it is about.

Suunto 7 Titanium Stone Gray & Matte Black
Suunto 7 Titanium Stone Gray & Matte Black

What is Suunto 7 Titanium?

The first thing I tell you about the concept, because it is a GPS watch for everything; fuses the concept of sports watch with the concept of smartwatch. This is made possible by its operating system that is none other than Google’s Wear OS, and that contrasts with the rest of the Suunto range.

Wear OS allows you to offer maps, route tracking, contactless payments, music from streaming platforms, 24/7 activity tracking, tracking of 70 activities traditionally covered by Suunto, etc. Some specific training functions remain for Suunto 9, such as intervals or multi-sport coverage such as triathlon.

There are many things that Wear OS provides, and one that is quite interesting and that equates it to more expensive watches is that you can follow the routes on maps.

What’s new with Suunto 7 Titanium

This Titanium version differs from Suunto 7 to dry (here you can see its analysis) mainly in the materials, although many other novelties have been implemented that I tell you below and that have also been implemented in Suunto 7.

Suunto 7 vs Suunto 7 Titanium

Suunto 7 Suunto 7 Titanium
Weight 70 g 51.9 g
Bezel Stainless steel Titanium grade 5
strap Silicone Microfiber Textile

New features

  • Sleep tracking. It offers a deeper sleep analysis showing what you sleep and the recovery obtained. You can set goals and you will skip reminders to go to bed so that you can steer yourself a bit into good habits.
  • Body resources. It is an indicator resulting from the summary of all the monitoring of your activity during the 24 hours. Measuring activity, stress, recovery, sleep and exercise, the clock tells you in the morning the resources that you have acquired during rest and that you have to start the day.
  • Daily heart rate. You can see your HR at the moment and consult a graph to see the changes of pulse in activity and in rest.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation and route navigation. You can plan routes with komoot and the clock will give you the corresponding indications. Wow, you will look more at the landscape and less at the clock. With route navigation you can synchronize itineraries from other services and navigate it from the watch.
  • Battery saving GPS. This option is appreciated to extend the autonomy using the GPS, since instead of emitting 1 signal per second, it emits 1 signal every 10 seconds.
  • Always-on display with energy saving. A nice improvement that is appreciated to not have to walk around twisting the wrist or touching the buttons to see the data during a training session. They have also taken care that it consumes a minimum of energy so that a balance is maintained with autonomy.
  • MyRadar. Application to know the weather in real time with animated local weather maps.
  • New collaborating companies. We already knew Komoot for routes but FATMAP, wikiloc, and many others are added. This increases the usability of this watch remarkably.

Characteristics and technical specifications

So that there is no conflict of preferences, touch screen and 4 buttons, 3 on the right and one on the upper left side.

  • Weight: 51.9 (Titanium)
  • Dimensions: 50mm diameter with 15.3mm thickness
  • Bezel: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Lens: Gorilla Glass
  • Housing: Polyamide and fiberglass
  • Strap: Microfiber textile, 24 mm wide.
  • Display: Color, touch, AMOLED, 454 × 454 pixels and brightness up to 1000 nits
  • Autonomy: Used as a smartwatch up to 2 days; GPS mode up to 12 hours; with music and an activity for about 4 hours; in time mode with energy saving up to 40 hours.
  • Sensors and connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC chip for contactless payments, satellite antenna (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU), barometer, HR sensor on the wrist
  • Storage memory: 8 GB
  • Water resistance 50 meters
  • Vibration and sound: Yes

Suunto 7 Titanium functionalities

As I have mentioned, this watch is tremendously versatile. Remember that it includes music playback from the watch with external platforms such as Spotify or Deezer, free offline outdoor maps, heart rate from the wrist, more than 70 sport modes, and all the apps that include Google Fit, Google Assistant, Google Pay or the Google Play application platform.

The range of possibilities that opens up when you can install applications from Google Play is enormous.

Outdoor Features:

This is where the guided navigation that we have already talked about enters, both planning routes from komoot and from the route navigation application.

  • Outdoor maps offline, and free.
  • Heat maps for 15 sports. The “hot” areas or trails indicate the most common routes for training, based on the activities carried out by users in the Suunto community.
  • Weather information, with sunrise and sunset times, pressure, etc. And as a novelty, the MyRadar feature to check the current weather in your area.
    Training functions:
  • Notably, it measures HR when swimming. This is a positive for the final evaluation.
  • Calories, HR values ​​in real time, etc. All the daily activity tracking functionalities offered by Google Fit.
  • Peak Trainning Effect (PTE), which indicates the impact of a training session on your maximum aerobic performance.
  • Recovery time. Estimate the time needed for rest to be able to perform the next physical activity.
  • Compatible with Strava, Endomondo, Trainin Peaks, etc. It includes a Value Pack with offers, tests and discounts in a lot of collaborating companies that have now increased.
  • It more than covers running, cycling and swimming, but it has 70 sport modes pre-installed in the watch, and in them we can configure numerical displays of between 3 and 7 fields.
  • Cycling. Average speed in real time or lap table are some of the interesting data it offers.
  • Swimming. The commented HR record during swimming, pool and open water, stroke rate, count and type, stroke efficiency (SWOLF), automatic intervals, etc.

Suunto 7 Titanium price and offer

You will have to free € 479 if you want to have this versatile piece, which you can find at this link and which I think is quite reasonable for everything it offers.

At the moment there are 2 new designs in this titanium version, with exact materials and for the same price, which makes things much easier. They are Stone Gray Titanium and Matte Black Titanium.

Opinion and conclusions about Suunto 7

At first the weight is quite noticeable since they are almost 20 grams less. It becomes much more wearable, especially in the most aggressive activities in terms of movement.

The strap is very attractive for day-to-day use, although if your intention is to do a lot of sport you may be interested in the classic silicone strap, and as they are easily interchanged, you will have no problem changing it.

The bezel design is even more sober than the previous one. The sphere is simply brutal, and the heat maps change as you move in real time.

The battery lasts well for a couple of days if you are not playing too many things, since if you continuously interact with the clock, it is obvious that the autonomy is shortened. The 12 hours of GPS are enough for a daily use training daily, although if you also go with music it will be shortened a bit more (4h). Note that at full capacity more or less you will have to charge it daily.

This watch can meet the needs of almost anyone. But if you are a truck driver or do very specific training (or triathlon), you should go for Suunto 9; the necessary autonomy in the mountains is the province of the latter and not of Suunto 7, which is a daily watch.

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