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SV Heimstetten - Riglewski ends the procrastination - sport in the region

The attacker scored three goals in the fulminant 6-1 away win of the Schmitt-Elf in Rosenheim. Due to the success of the SVH leaves the relegation places.

Attackers who are accustomed to meeting regularly will inevitably start to wonder if they will not go down for a longer period of time. Lukas Riglewski from SV Heimstetten got the last feeling. "It gnawed at him," said his coach Christoph Schmitt about the attacker, who is also his captain since this season. Riglewski had been without a goal in the first five regional league games, after he had finished third in the scorers list last season with 17 goals. Riglewski, according to his coach, had been "a bit on the loose".

There was no sign of procrastination on Friday evening. Riglewski scored in Heimstetten's 6-1 win at TSV 1860 Rosenheim 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0. "That's good for him and us all," said Schmitt. "Finally his knot has burst."

The SV also seems to gradually resolve. Schmitt speaks of a "continuous development", which takes his team. "We made better games week by week." This is also reflected in the results. Of the last four games, one of them in the Association Cup, the SV has won three and lost only the previous one in the promotion candidate in Schweinfurt. The performance there had Schmitt already fallen in Rosenheim his team has now seamlessly tied to it.

Due to the change in personnel before the season and a preparation in which, according to Schmitt, "a lot has gone wrong", the team and he now profit from the fact that the coach can for the first time send the formations he had in mind. Schmitt has changed nothing in his principled approach. "We are just as euphoric now as we have been moping before," he said. The victory was not only important for the self-esteem, but also for the table: Heimstetten thus jumped four places forward and is now no longer last but 14.

Riglewski took over the helm in Rosenheim early on. He scored the number one goal after a short corner (7), and dusted the second goal from close range (29 '). At the beginning of the second half he hit the penalty area from the penalty area (53.). Riglewski's brilliant performance also ensured that his standards were more dangerous according to Schmitt than in the weeks before. That made itself felt immediately: The SVH would have been able to score more goals according to Schmitt, a lath headed to a corner proved this thesis.

After the 3: 0 "the guys played into a frenzy," said Schmitt. Tim Schels (55.), Alexander Rojek (58.), who represented Moritz Hannemann, and Stefan Reuter (66.) reached twelve minutes to turn the intoxication into three more goals. The Rosenheimers, who had beaten the then league leaders 1 FC Nuremberg II on the previous day, succeeded in person of Luftetar Mushkolaj only the honorable goal (85). "This time, a lot has happened for us," said Schmitt, his team had also had some luck game. In all the offensive spectacle he was also very happy with the defensive performance, because especially before the break we "did not allow anything at all".

The SVH is already back on Tuesday, then he will be a guest in the second league round of cup at the Bayernligisten Türkspor Augsburg. Schmitt announced to rotate and give other players minutes of use, because "the whole troupe is really working very well". However, there will not be ten changes as in the first round.

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