News : Sweating clothes for weight loss, does it work?

News : Sweating clothes for weight loss, does it work?

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Physical exercise is healthy for people of any age or condition, it is evident. But when you are pursuing a specific goal, such as weight loss, we want the time invested to be very effective. Hence, the marketing of items such as sweat clothes works so well, because we want quick solutions that generate the least possible effort.

Sweat is the clear liquid that the sweat glands secrete and that is expelled through the skin. It is a natural mechanism to regulate body temperature. The intention to increase sweating is to eliminate more fat, but is this an appropriate approach? Do we really lose more weight by sweating more? We see it below.

What is sweating clothes for?

Sweat clothing is made with non-breathable fabrics and, therefore, it serves to increase perspiration and perspiration. We are talking about neoprene, polyamide, PVC or lycra, which are insulating, water resistant and elastic.

We already say that sweating is a natural process, so when you exercise you will sweat regardless of whether you wear specific clothing to increase the levels or not. In fact, perspiration will be affected by other elements such as the weather, the intensity of the exercise and the lifestyle of the person, such as the consumption of alcohol, tobacco or coffee.

In addition, biological differences can also play a role in sweating. According to an Osaka University study published in Experimental Physiology, men have more active sweat glands, which is why they sweat more.

However, the same magazine published years later, in 2017, that the differences in sweating are more related to the size of the individuals than with sex, so that people with a stronger complexion sweat more than those with a thin complexion under normal temperature conditions during exercise.

Why wear sweat clothes to lose weight?

The question we must ask ourselves is whether sweat garments are really useful for weight loss, which is what they are usually used for. We can say that yes, sweating helps to lose weight. But what is lost, in essence, is water, then when we rehydrate we regain what we have lost.

Therefore, it is not the sweating that exerts energy and accelerates weight loss, but the exercise itself. It makes no sense to wear sweat clothes without doing sports and waiting for it to work miracles, as happens with all those accessories that announce that you are going to lose from the comfort of your home, while you read and without moving a muscle.

You can wear sweat garments for preferences or for other benefits, but not exclusively to lose fat. We insist that what we lose is essentially water and not fat.

The question may arise: “But then, Why do obese or overweight people sweat more than their normal weight?”. As explained by Doctor of Medicine and Surgery Ángel Durantez to El País, fat acts as an insulator. It is like a coat, so that the body temperature increases in situations of physical effort or when the ambient temperature rises. The body begins to sweat before losing that heat.

The latter also helps to explain the differences in sweating, but we must start from the fact that the amount of sweat is not an indication of the calories lost. It is possible that you go to the gym with a friend and, at the same time and doing a similar physical activity, he sweats much more than you. Issues such as complexion or accumulated fat index may vary.

Weight loss has to do with muscle mass, fat, fluids, organs, or bones. All of this will be reflected on the scale, but sweat is not an indicator.

Other benefits of wearing sweat clothes

From what I’ve seen so far, sweating does not mean losing weight beyond the loss of water, which will recover when we rehydrate. So what are the benefits of sweating clothes?

To a large extent, its use is a matter of sensations. Wearing garments of this type increases sweating, and this can give the impression of doing a very effective exercise from a weight loss point of view. These feelings can be positive in order to achieve the goal, as they make you feel good and keep you motivated.

On the other hand, these garments will be effective for warming. As we said, they are made with materials that act as thermal insulators and are resistant to water, then reduce perspiration and increase body temperature more quickly than normal fabrics. It can be useful when the weather is very cold and to reduce muscle fatigue after exertion.

The elimination of toxins with sweat is also often used to justify the use of this type of garment. The truth is that sweat is made up mostly of water and minerals, and secreted toxic substances are reduced to a very small amount. A study published in the journal Environment International showed that we secrete environmental pollutants, but in a practically testimonial and non-significant way.

According to the aforementioned study, a normal person who exercises for 45 minutes at high intensity can sweat about two liters. Less than a tenth of a nanogam will correspond to polluting products, that is, 0.02% of what is ingested in a normal diet. Since sweat clothing increases the amounts, it could be secreted up to 0.04%, but it is still a very low amount. In fact, more is eliminated in the urine.

Where to buy clothes to sweat more

Clothes to sweat more can easily be found in large online markets and in some specialized sportswear stores. In Amazon or Decathlon, for example, there are different garments: shorts, jackets, vests, girdles and whole suits of shorts and long pants. They are made with materials such as spandex and thin neoprene and cover different models and sizes.

Between everyone, one of the ones that generates the most interest is the girdle. Well-known faces made “waist training” fashionable and were busy selling its benefits as training to achieve the desired hourglass figure. The girdle is only a supplement whose use does not facilitate localized fat loss for the reasons already explained. If you wear it for hours, it can contribute to a feeling of satiety, but it has other side effects that should also be considered: it can create heartburn and other digestive disorders, in addition to obstructing blood flow, making it difficult to breathe and creating skin complications.

For what the girdles are recommended is for the treatment of low back pain, hernias or acute back pain, as they help to regain mobility and relieve pain. But we are talking about specific orthopedic products whose use must be recommended and supervised by a professional


Sweating garments do not work to lose weight because when we sweat we do not eliminate fat or a relevant amount of toxins, but water and minerals that will later be replenished when we rehydrate. It can even be counterproductive, because if you prevent your body from perspiring naturally to maintain an adequate temperature, you will not make the activity profitable, which is really what makes you lose weight along with an adequate diet.

Wearing sweat clothes is more a matter of sensations: as if it were a placebo effect, whoever it creates the impression of being effective can help them stay motivated. It can also be useful for specific moments such as warming, especially when the weather is cold.

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