News : Swimming director Klingenberg only in office for one day – because of an old brothel photo

News : Swimming director Klingenberg only in office for one day – because of an old brothel photo

In the election of the new sports director, the DSV made a surprising U-turn. One day after the announcement of the former national water polo player Dirk Klingenberg as interim manager in this position, the association announced a “change of course”.

The background is “a frivolous report from Klingenberg’s past”. Although there was no legal misconduct, this was “incompatible with the high moral standards of the umbrella association,” the message said.

DSV sports director is seven-year-old photo to doom

In 2014, Klingenberg was photographed together with the team and prostitutes in the Artemis brothel in Berlin. The “Bild” revealed the ex-water polo player: “We wanted to go to the Oldies World Cup and had to pay for everything ourselves. The sponsorship of 3000 euros for bathrobes and the travel budget was just the right thing.”

Klingenberg rejects the guilt because he “did nothing forbidden”. It was an advertising campaign by his water sports partner at the time.

“We shared openly with Mr. Klingenberg about the discussions that had arisen and together we came to the conclusion that he will not take up the post of sports director in the interests of the association,” said DSV President Marco Troll a few days before the start of the final Olympic qualification of the pool swimmers. Details of the report were not given.

Klingenberg: “At no time found legally guilty”

Klingenberg was disappointed. “I now very much regret that the DSV reversed this process only 24 hours after my occupation,” he said.

“I have to take note of the decision, but would like to expressly point out that at no point in my long career as an athlete, manager or consultant have I been legally guilty of any offense that legitimizes such an action by the DSV would.”

When Klingenberg was announced, the association had for the first time confirmed the secret that had been open for weeks about the exemption of the previous competitive sports director Thomas Kurschilgen. How the post should now be filled is open.

After the successor to the Kurschilgen was unsuccessful in this case, the pressure on the association has grown. And that in turbulent times anyway.

Schimm Association plague further investigations against ex-national coach Lurz

Because apart from the replacement of the personnel of the sports director, the DSV managers also deal with the case of the former open water national trainer Stefan Lurz.

Allegations of abuse against Lurz have shaken the association. The Würzburg public prosecutor’s office is investigating allegations of sexual abuse of wards. He himself denies the allegations.

From the weekend onwards, the focus will be on sport. Until April 18, there will be several competitions for the last Olympic tickets. Eight German swimmers with Wellbrock at the top have already qualified for the big highlight.

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