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Swimming World Cup - A small doping accident too much - sports

Because the Chinese Sun Yang is allowed to defend his world title despite a destroyed doping test, more and more swimmers are protesting vociferously. But the World Federation is a hopeless case in anti-doping.

Comment by Claudio Catuogno, Gwangju

The fact that he is swimming here is an impertinence for anyone who stands up for clean sport, "said Jacob Heidtmann, athlete spokesman for the German swimmers, at the World Championships in Gwangju on Sunday, the Chinese Sun Yang, Olympic gold medalist and series world champion Title over 400 meters Freestyle was allowed to defend, was "a slap in the face. This eats everyone in the team, and everyone was glad that finally a sign was set. "In the past, such clear words were rarely heard by athletes - it was the time for the associations comfortable time, in which they had to pretend If they were to fight doping seriously, then the company ran, but now more and more athletes covet against colleagues who make them despite doping past and / or current suspicions the final places, medals and premiums controversial The sign that Heidtmann approved, had the Australian Mack The Silver Winner had been denied access to the podium as well as the photo of the medalists after Sun Yang's victory, hoping that this sign would be "enough for the World Federation to realize that Sun Yang should never be on such a stage again "Heidtmann said that hope would not come true, although the Fina issued a warning - but against Horton and the Australian V Because of disregard of the ceremonial.

Sun Yang smashed a doping test with the hammer - and the Fina spoke freely

In September 2018, during a doping test, Sun Yang had a blood sample smashed by a confidant with a hammer. And he had refused a urine sample for hours because the registration papers of the assistant were not enough for him. Only after the end of the World Cup Sun Yang must therefore before the Court of Justice Cas - as a presumptive Wiederholungstäter: Already in 2014, he had noticed with a positive test, but only discreetly locked for three months by the World Federation Fina. And in the Hammer Causa of 2018? The Fina had even acquitted her swimming heroes. The World Anti-Doping Agency Wada has objected to this.


"That this one is swimming is a joke"

Germany's athletes support the protest of Australian Mack Horton against Chinese swimmer Sun Yang. DSV team spokesman Jacob Heidtmann appeals to the World Federation.By Claudio Catuogno

Olympic gold medalist Lilly King from the United States said on Monday that Horton was greeted with ovation on his return to the athletic village: "The whole dining room has shaken with applause, it was great to see the athletes united in their stance." And even if some of those who have applauded may even have a dark secret: in other associations such a signal of the active might make an impression. The Fina is a hopeless case. She tweeted after the race even euphoric: "Sun YANG made 4 in a row": Sun Yang is now "the first in history," who won the 400-meter freestyle four times in a row at World Championships. Great! Already in connection with Sun Yang's 2014 mini-ban, Fina Secretary-General Cornel Marculescu had revealed his priorities: one could not exclude the "stars from the swimming world championship just because they had a minor accident with doping". Sometimes a supposed bulge turns out to be a total loss afterwards.

Swimming doping sample smashed with a hammer - still gold

Doping sample smashed with a hammer - still gold

Chinese swimmer Sun Yang faces a life-long ban. At the World Cup, he may win anyway - but an Australian is an impressive sign.By Claudio Catuogno

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