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SZ section "Formality" - In harmony with nature - Sport in the region

She prefers to practice in the water, but at her old school she holds an eternal discus record: The hotel boss Innegrit Volkhardt from the Bavarian court.

SZ: Sport is for you ...?

Innegrit Volkhardt: ... most beautiful on and in the water as an important balance to everyday life.

Your current fitness condition?


Ridge up or stop?

First one and then the other.

Physical education was for you?


Your personal record?

In the discus - at school I still seem to hold the school record for the ladies today.

Stadium or TV athlete?

Mostly stadium, but for reasons of time not even TV athletes.

Bavaria or sixty?


Your eternal sports idol?

Muhammad Ali.

A formative experience?

The violence of skiers at the finish line for the descent of the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel is indescribable.

In which discipline would you be Olympic champion?


With which athlete would you like to change the jersey?

With no special. I admire every professional athlete in his discipline; the in harmony with nature a little bit more.

Every week, under the heading "Formsache", the SZ asks people about their affinity to sport. Artists, politicians, business captains - just not athletes. Would be boring.

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