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Tacx Neo 2 Smart - Analysis, characteristics, opinion and purchase

tacx neo 2 t smart cover roller

I've been warning about the “boom” of indoor cycling for months. A growing market in recent years in which today a brand and a model stand out above the rest. The manufacturer Tacx, brand recently acquired by Garmin, and its roller Tacx Neo 2 Smart They are the great reference of the sector.

He Tacx Neo 2T Smart comes to the market to replace the successful Tacx Neo and slightly improve the recent version of the Tacx Neo 2. The manufacturer of the Netherlands and the first first Neo revolutionized the roller training concept a few years ago. Static training was no longer something reserved for active recovery sessions and thanks to huge realism from the roller and to the interaction of it with different platforms (Tacx, Zwift or Bkool) the cyclist could squeeze himself to the maximum on the bicycle without leaving the living room of his house.

Thanks to interactive rollers (smart) like the Tacx Neo 2T, training at any time of the day, at any time of the year and in any corner of the planet is possible. A very high range roller which is called to make a difference in the coming years. We go with the full review of the Tacx Neo 2T Smart.

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The Tacx Neo 2T surely the best roller on the market to train with Zwift

Tacx Neo 2T: a roller to dominate them all

If you have been in cycling for a while, you do not live in the micro-climate of the Canary Islands and in winter you have to pull spinning and roller lessons, surely you will have heard about Tacx Neo 2.

He best roller in the market. So high and clear we can define the Tacx Neo 2. A marvel of product that remains, despite the obvious efforts of the other brands, a step above the rest of rollers.

Realism, stability and simplicity. Three key elements in the success of the “Neo” family and that have led it to be the great benchmark of the indoor market.

The knee in spite of resisting a maximum power up to 2200 watts It is extremely quiet and the pedaling fluidity is maintained even in the most inclined sections (maximum slope supported of 25%)

Needless to say, The Tacx Neo 2T Smart can be synchronized via bluetooth and ANT + with external sensors and that is totally compatible with external simulation platforms beyond the official Tacx. The Tacx Neo 2T is one of the best rollers on the market to enjoy a full experience of Zwift or Bkool simulators.

In addition, as I commented, the great best with respect to other rollers comes in the issue of stability. Obviously we continue pedaling on a rigid structure but its slight rocking It allows us to perfectly simulate a real pedaling with the natural position of the body. Standing up is no longer a problem, since we neither slip (something that happened on old rollers) nor do we encounter the fear of falling. The Tacx Neo 2T Smart offers great stability to the cyclist even in moments of maximum power and in the shortest series (sprints). The roller can also be used even without an electrical connection. In this case the roller will intelligently simulate a flat path and gradually increase the resistance as you start pedaling faster.

In terms of compatibility Ideally, synchronize the Tacx Neo 2T Smart with a Garmin cycle computer that also allows you to pair both devices, to be able to enjoy an integral experience with all the activity data in real time. Garmin and the excellent synchronization with Tacx allow you to keep a rigorous control of the training. In addition, you can progressively evaluate the increase in sports performance thanks to the intelligent features that are already incorporated in the new Garmin Edge cycle computers. In terms of performance estimation, the Neo 2T is extremely accurate since, according to the technical data sheet, it only offers a 1% error rate. Power, cadence, pulse ... The new Neo is perfect to control all this data to the maximum and perform workouts with specific workloads.

As a great novelty to say that it incorporates a dynamic inertia function that allows us to control mass inertia and compensate for weight, speed and angle of inclination. This function allows the roller to vibrate and simulate even the sensation of riding a bicycle on different surfaces such as cobbled streets (the classic pavé) or gravel roads. Also, thanks to this novelty the Tacx Neo 2T It becomes the best roller when simulating negative inclination percentages. On top of this roller, the descent finally feels like a descent since pedaling with agility and with the feeling of rolling on favorable terrain is possible.

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Realism in its purest form. This is the Tacx Neo 2T Smart

In the last place I could not ignore the “aesthetic” and functional section. The Neo 2T can be easily folded with just 10 seconds so space at home or in the storage room is no longer an excuse. In addition, the roller is perfectly reinforced and although it weighs a lot at the level of finishes it is very worked. The neon lights with changing colors that it has at the bottom give it a very nice and fun touch.

Features Tacx Neo 2T (technical sheet)

Electrical requirements 110-240 volts
Power indicator Multicolored LED, at the base
Connection indicators (ANT + / BLUETOOTH) 2 LED indicators
Gear Ratio Dish configuration: up to 3 pine nuts; teeth per sprocket: adjustable between 22 and 53. Rear sprocket: up to 12 sprockets; teeth per pinion: adjustable between 11 and 40.
Q factor 147 mm
Maximum power 2200 watts
Tilt 25%
Descent simulation Yes
Torque 88 nm
Maximum braking force 260 N
Flywheel Virtual
Massive inertia Variable up to 125 kg
Calibration No calibration required
Dimensions 575 x 750 mm
Height 55 mm
Weight 21.5 kg
Wireless communication ANT + connectivity and Bluetooth wireless technology
Control Smartphone, tablet, cycle computer with ANT +, stand-alone mode or with connection to a computer using the ANT + antenna
Metrics Speed, cadence and power
Reading Smartphone, tablet, cycle computer and computer with ANT + antenna
Precision error <1%

For more information do not hesitate to consult the official Garmin website where you will find in addition to all the technical specifications of the Tacx Neo 2T Smart information about software compatibility. In the Frequently Asked Questions section it is likely that you will also find an answer to all your doubts immediately.


With the Tacx Neo 2T Smart we undoubtedly face one of the best interactive rollers in the market. A device very high range Designed and designed to delight the most demanding cyclists.

After getting into the Tacx and taking a few pedaling, I quickly realized that the 1000 wonders I had read on the internet and that were counted in the technical file were no farce. The feeling of realism offered by the Neo 2T is simply unbeatable. A pedaling fluidity that I had not found in any other roller (and that a few tests are already going on) and a stability more typical of a rigid structure, very similar to what the best static bikes on the market can offer.

As for connectivity, the thing does not disappoint either. A “geek” like me had to try if or if the new Neo 2 with the Zwift platform. Said and done, the Tacx is fully compatible with the application and the realism that already offers the roller added to the interaction of the program ends up generating a very appetizing combo.

Training at home is not only more practical and comfortable, but also more real and fun. With this "dangerous" couple doing the "hamster" is no longer an agony. I say the "dangerous" because the hours go by without realizing it and you would not be the first or the last among warming, series and warming up with other users, a two-hour training is completed.

The roller is perfect for all types of exercises. From the basic sessions of active recovery to the most demanding interval training. With roller training you will take advantage of every moment you spend on the bike. Pedaling deadlocks, traffic lights, roundabouts, traffic jams and exaggerated recoveries are over. A training that is not only perfect to improve the physical condition but also to work the technique and the cadence of pedaling.

Personally I can say loud and clear that it is the best roller that has passed through my hands to date. A true technological marvel that has left me speechless from the first moment. Pedaling on top of the Tacx is identical to doing it outdoors and on a recently paved road.

Following this test and formalizing the acquisition of Tacx by Garmin, I can only wait to see what the company's brilliant minds will be able to manufacture in the not too distant future. The truth is that indoor cycling seems to have no limits and thanks to the best evident in interaction and connectivity one gets carried away quickly by the imagination. A few interesting years are coming for those of us who spend half a winter doing the hamster.

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Tacx Neo 2T. An improved version and a tremendously stable and effective roller

Price and purchase Tacx Neo 2T Smart

The Tacx Neo 2T Smart roller will be available from the first quarter of 2020. A hope that for some can be made eternal but for which I assure you it is worth taking it easy.

The Tacx Neo 2T Smart has a starting price of 1299 euros and although of course this price is an important handicap for its sale I assure you that if you finally decide you will bless each and every one of the euros invested in the purchase. The roller is impossible to disappoint both for its excellent realism and for its more than proven reliability. A product that for some reason has been considered (in the previous models) the best in the market.

If you want buy a Tacx Neo 2T Smart roller You can do it through our Amazon link. For now I leave you with the purchase link of the Neo.

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