News : Tao Geoghegan Hart bet a car on winning the Giro d’Italia

News : Tao Geoghegan Hart bet a car on winning the Giro d’Italia

Tao bet turn of italy car

Tao Geoghegan Hart’s victory in the past Italy spin It is undoubtedly one of the most surprising in recent years. The cyclist from Ineos made to jump the bench achieving against all odds a triumph that is already part of the history of this sport.

The Briton was the most consistent cyclist in the event and thus achieved his first success in a big stage lap.

Tao, who has not yet renewed with Ineos, has been very busy in recent weeks and the advertising commitments have been happening frequently. In one of them he related precisely the content of this bet.

The fun and charismatic British cyclist laughing how he had gone out of face the play with his brother.

Apparently everything goes back to the end of the fifteenth stage of the corsa rosa. On the way to Piancavallo, Tao achieved the first of his two partial victories in the Italian race. By then, and without knowing it, a relaxed conversation between brothers opened up a bet that is already part of cycling history.

Bede, Tao’s little brother, was convinced that his older brother could win the Giro d’Italia. His conviction was such that he proposed a challenge. “If you win the Giro, you buy me a car.”

The cyclist from Ineos laughed at it; “Do not be ridiculous”. It should be remembered that at that time English was still almost 3 minutes from the Pink Maglia.

Little did the good Tao imagine what would end up happening in the next 6 stages. An unexpected turnaround in the general classification and an epic comeback on the final day of the Milan time trial.

Final victory and a debt to be paid. A pact between brothers is still a pact so Tao had no choice but to comply and spend part of the 300,000 euros of the final prize to buy a car for his little brother.

The two posted a photo on Instagram, smiling and joking about what happened.

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