News : Tariku Novales and Elena Loyo, Spanish Half Marathon champions

News :

Tariku Novales and Elena Loyo, Spanish Half Marathon champions

Tariku Novales, with the tape after championing Spain / RFEA champion

The young Galician Tariku Novales, 21, and veteran Alava Elena Loyo, 37, were proclaimed this Sunday Half marathon Spain champions within the 35th edition of the Puerto de Sagunto race, which coincided with the 29th of the national distance championships.

Novales, from the GO Fit Athletics club, won their first title with a time of 1h02: 34 and, like Elena Loyo, he won the position in the Spanish team that will participate, on March 29, in the Gdynia World Championship (Poland), in addition to qualifying for the Europeans in Paris, which are played after the Tokyo Olympics .

Jelloul and Sánchez don't get off 1:03

The first three here achieved place in the national team as long as they went down from 1h03, but none more did: Mohamed Ali Jelloul (1h03: 38) and Alberto Sánchez (1h03: 39), also climbed the podium. Camilo Santiago, fourth with 1h03: 41, and Ayad Lamdassem, fifth with the same brand, were left out.

Elena Loyo, of Bilbao Athletics, revalidated with a time of 1h12: 22 -personal and Basque Country record- the title he obtained last year in Sant Cugat del Vallés. The exit and the goal of the flat circuit, with sections next to the sea, were located in the Threshold Triangle of the Avenida 9 de Octubre.

At the head of the table of best brands, among more than a hundred participants, appeared the Murcia-based in La Rioja- Camilo Santiago with 1h01: 46, followed by Ayad Lamdassem, champion in 2013 and 2014 (1h01: 58). They were the only ones who had gone down from 1h02 and even 1h03, the exact personal brand of Jaume Leiva, winner in 2012. Carles Castillejo was in 2015.

Novales left with Kenyan Edwin Kipruto from the start, forcing Lamdassem and his Bikila teammates to react, who started hunting in the second kilometer. The head passed through km 5 at 14:35.

Leiva, with her colorful Vaporfly shoes, pulled the group of Spaniards and from the equator of the race Camilo Santiago occupied positions at the front, but Novales had a margin of almost a minute with six kilometers and did not let the victory in the race and the national title escape.

Tariku, only his second half marathon

“I didn't understand why I ran away at first, I thought I wasn't going strong. I tried to help the Kenyan, but he was not doing well and went into crisis at km 14. I had the strength to change. It is just my second half marathon. Last year, without specific preparation, I was second, and this time I prepared it a little more, ”said the new champion in the goal.

In the simultaneous women's race, with the Ethiopian Likina Amebaw always in the lead (she won out of competition with 1h12: 00), Azucena Díaz, 37, took responsibilities among the Spanish. Ten years before, in this city, the Madrid had won the second of its three national titles of Middle.

At the height of the fifth km, however, the defender of the title, Elena Loyo, broke into the front of the Spanish women, and with definitive effects in terms of the Spanish championship. The Alavesa, 37, was gaining ground on Azucena and, not caring that the Italian Valeria Straneo (out of competition), was presented in goal as the best Spanish, followed by Azucena Díaz (1h13: 16) and Elena García Grimau (1h13: 36).

"I arrived with doubts but soon I began to feel good, from km 7, strange thing in me. I thought I could afford it, but I wanted to get squeezed to the goal. It has been good for me to pass the Italian, so as not to fall asleep. Personal and minimal brand for the World Cup, great, ”Elena Loyo congratulated herself.

On March 29, the half marathon world championships will be held in Gdynia (Poland), where Spain can go with up to five representatives in each category.

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