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Team share with Bekele and Kipchoge

Kipchoge and Bekele, members of the NN Running Team

The NN Running Team, the best athletes' club in the world and for which the two best marathoners of the moment and probably in history run: Kenenisa Bekele and Eliud Kipchoge, have a very good initiative. The current marathon record holder and the current 5,000 and 10,000 world record holder (and who stayed a few months ago just two seconds from the mark of his great rival in Berlin) continue training without knowing yet when they will be able to return to the competition. For now, the Boston Marathon has already been canceled, but there are many others for next fall whose celebration is still in the air. The two were due to meet in London last April and at the Tokyo Olympics this summer, but the coronavirus crisis has changed plans.

A relay marathon

And as part of that change of direction, his club, the NN Running Team, has organized a relay marathon, a challenge called MA RA TH ON. The aim is to cover the distance of Philippi by relay of four runners (10.5 kilometers per person). Participation is free for everyone and whoever wants to can create their own team or challenge to form it with Kipchoge or Bekele. It is the great opportunity of a life to form a relay team with the two best in history. The test will be held on June 6 and 7 (when the possibility of participating at 23:59 will be closed) and the result must be provided through ‘Strava’. Each team must upload their 10.5 kilometer race online in order to be officially accepted the results.

A brutal cast of stars

The NN Running Team allows you to climb as many 10.5 kilometer races as you like and the best time of all will be valid. It is recommended to do a race at least a little over 10.5 kilometers so that there are no problems because if the distance falls even a few meters from that figure it will not be accepted. If you want to share a team with any of the stars of the NN Running Team, you need, first of all, good luck. Then, register before June 6 because the colleagues from Kipchoge, Bekele and co will be assigned before that date. Kamworor (current ‘recordman’ half marathon) and Cheptegei (record holder of the 5km route and 10,000 world champion) are other stars who will participate.

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