News : Tennis: Damir Dzumhur freaking out in Acapulco – sport

News : Tennis: Damir Dzumhur freaking out in Acapulco – sport

There is a sequence online that shows Damir Dzumhur freaking out on his second qualifying match. The game of the tennis professional from Bosnia and Herzegovina at the ATP tournament in Acapulco against the Dutchman Botic Van de Zandschulp took place on a side court. You can see how a ball was given well by Van de Zandschulp, Dzumhur throws down the bat and turns to chair referee Joshua Brace from the USA for the first time.

The 28-year-old will continue to play for the next few minutes, but his anger builds. He swears when changing sides. Receives a warning. Make a point, 15-0. Scolds again, point penalty, 15:15. Dzumhur throws the bat, shakes hands with Van de Zandschulp, yells at Brace. When he descends shortly afterwards, Dzumhur presses him. Brace backs away behind the chair, almost hiding. Scary scenes.

In the draw sheet, the 25-year-old Van de Zandschulp is listed as the winner with a score of 6: 5 due to disqualification. But the way Dzumhur sees it, he doesn’t want to go down in history as the 52nd professional in men’s tennis to be sent off. After his inglorious appearance, he said in a statement: “It is important for me to emphasize that I was not disqualified, I had decided to leave the pitch voluntarily.” On the occasion, Dzumhur made it clear how “unfair” he had been treated.

Although he apologized for “that I was not able to have my emotions better under control”. But since he did not move away from his allegations, the ATP should not be able to avoid imposing a harsh penalty. For Dzumhur, a decent and valued professional for years and number 23 in the world in 2018, the next setback. The fighter from Sarajevo, who was a boy in two demanding films as an actor, has not achieved good results for a long time. He is listed at position 125 in the ranking.

Jeff Tarango’s wife slapped Bruno Rebeuh twice in the face

The ATP Tour should at least know how to deal with Dzumhur, there is enough experience. The American Mike Estep was the first to be demoted to the loser, in 1973 in the match against Pat Cramer in Seattle. Among the culprits were big names, Ilie Nastase, Jimmy Connors, John “you can’t be serious” McEnroe, Andre Agassi. The disqualification of US professional Jeff Tarango in 1995 in the third round of Wimbledon against Alexander Mronz from Cologne was spectacular.

His wife had helped him freak out by slapping referee Bruno Rebeuh twice in the face. The Germans Karl Meiler and Carsten Arriens also suffered immediate match defeats. Before Dzumhur, Nick Kyrgios (2019 / Rome) and Novak Djokovic (2020 / US Open) were disqualified. Among other things, the Australian had thrown a chair on the square. The Serb hit a linesman with a ball fired in anger.

Incidentally, far fewer incidents are documented on the women’s tour – simply because the female professionals have a better grip on themselves. The Romanian Irina Spirlea fell out of role in 1997 on the WTA Tour in Palermo. The Russian Anastasia Rodionova (now Australian) lost in Cincinnati in 2007 because she shot a ball towards fans who had clapped for Angelique Kerber.

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