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Tennis - Garching sovereign - sports in the region

The Bundesliga men 30 of the climber also win the TC Großhesselohe and remain so after four wins from four games sovereign leaders. Another victory at the bottom of the table would prematurely bring the ticket for the DM semi-final.

Three games, three wins and one defeat: in the Siebenerfeld of the Südstaffel of the men's 30-Bundesliga, the Munich teams have a point-rich weekend behind them. Last year's semi-finalists MTTC Iphitos won 6-2 at ST Lohfelden thanks to three victories in the doubles (two of them in the match-breaking), thus keeping a chance of reaching the final round.

The TC Dachau, last year also in the semifinals for the German championship, meanwhile held harmless in a safe 7-2 victory against bottom club Wiesbaden - the victory was already determined after the individual, as it already 5: 1 for the hosts was standing.

The derby between STK Garching and the TC Großhesselohe won the newly promoted team from the north of Munich with 6: 3 for themselves - also after three smooth victories in the doubles. With that, Garchinger, who had come in with the seasonal goal relegation, are the undisputed leaders in four games in four games. A win this weekend at taillight Wiesbaden, and the semi-final coup would be perfect.

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