News : Tennis: Referee Damian Steiner dismissed by ATP

News :

Tennis: Referee Damian Steiner dismissed by ATP

The 2019 Wimbledon final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer went down in history. The Serb won the game in the match-tiebreak of the fifth set, in the history of the traditional tournament on turf there was never a longer final. On the referee's chair sat with Damian Steiner for the first time in a Grand Slam final an Argentine, the 44-year-old completed his task calmly and confidently.

As the "New York Times" reported, Steiner will in the future no more games on the tour of the players union ATP. Steiner is said to have been released on 15 August for allegedly giving interviews in his home country without the approval of the ATP, thereby violating guidelines for referees.

"Steiner's interviews were a direct violation of the applicable standards, according to which officials in the interests of impartiality can not talk about matches, individual players or rules," the ATP told the newspaper and confirmed Steiner's dismissal.

Thus, the referee in a conversation with the tennis podcast "3iguales" thought about whether the use of towels between the rallies must be restricted or players are officially coached by their coach. According to the New York Times, Steiner could not be reached for comment.

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