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Tennis - The End of Madness - Sports in the Region

Garching's men 30 have far exceeded expectations in the Bundesliga. Only in the final they have no chance.

By Thomas Becker, Garching

The traffic connection was not the problem. Finally, the Buschhausen tennis club is just as close to the motorway (A3, exit Oberhausen-Holten) as the STK Garching (A9, exit Garching-Süd). The 625 kilometers that lie in between have made the final of the German Men's Championship 30 then a real away game for the Cracks from the north of Munich. "Nevertheless, the whole club was there," says Benjamin Ruf, the first chairman, "by Whatsapp." Whoever was not on the pitch did result service. " However, that was no reason to celebrate from STK's point of view: Even after the singles it was 5: 1 for the winner of the Nordstaffel, so that they gave themselves the doubles and agreed on a final score of 7: 2. Nevertheless: "That is the greatest success, which a Garching club has ever managed," cheered club boss Ruf, "that has hit high waves in the club All shake their heads in disbelief." The team is an absolute asset to the club.

Finally, the STK went as a starter in his second Bundesliga season after 2015. At that time he was promptly relegated, which makes this year's march of the troupe to top players Alexander Satshko all the more amazing. Six games, six wins was the balance of the Garching in the Südstaffel. The local derbies against MTTC Iphitos (9: 0), TC Dachau (8: 1) and TC Großhesselohe (6: 3) were won by a jack-high, only against SC SaFo Frankfurt and ST Lohfelden (respectively 5: 4) it's close. Vereinsvorstand Ruf is extremely satisfied: "The whole season was absolutely amazing, the plan was actually only to stay in the league - and then the troops marched through it without defeat!"

"Incredible, what he plays": Alexander Satschko gets in the final of the Garching honor point.

(Photo: Claus Schunk)

The secret of success sees a reputation in the cohesion: "The majority play for years together, a troop of friends, similar to Großhesselohe. And if you feel comfortable, you just give everything for the team." Nikolas Holzen even interrupted his vacation for the finale.

But also the team spirit did not help against the also undefeated master of the Nordstaffel. While in the game report form at Garching without exception a GER stood behind the player name, the hosts offered a certainly well-endowed mix from Croatia, Serbia, Belgium and the Netherlands. Luxembourg's Gilles Muller, who was ranked 21st in 2017 in the world rankings, is one of them. The German players in the new national champion occupy the positions eleven to fourteen in the entry list and all came together in the entire season on just three individual missions, which were also lost. Anders the Garching: The reported to one Greek Aristotelis Mouratoglou was not used at all, the Austrian trio Christian Magg, Patrick Schmölzer and Andreas Fasching only very dosed, so that the club treasury did not have to be strained too bad. In the final but only Alexander Satschko (6: 3, 6: 2) could win his singles. "Unbelievable, what's playing," marveled Club boss Ruf, "totally solid". True, twelve wins in 14 games. Felix Hutt (1: 6, 2: 6) on two and Marco Mader (0: 6, 1: 6) on six were without chance, Maxi Schmuck (2: 6, 4: 6), Nikolas Holzen (4: 6, 0: 6) and Oliver Jöhl (6: 7, 3: 6) in positions three to five were only able to sniff at the set win for one round.

How to continue with the Garchingern? At any rate, they will not retire, "says Ruf." I rather hope that they will stick to it. " Soon he wants to sit down with Satschko and team leader jewelry and explore the possibilities for the upcoming season. The German runner-up is indeed a great success in the now 50-year club history, but you do not want to wait until the next round anniversary. "I hope we can do it sooner," says Ruf.

Fourth decision

TC Großhesslohe is still waiting for the first victory

The team of the TC Großhesselohe remains even after six matchdays without a victory in the tennis league. After a close 3: 3 on Friday in the home game against TK Kurhaus Lambertz Aachen made it the climbers also exciting at the guest appearance in Aachen until the last ball: 2: 4 it was the end, the doubles were lost in the match tie. Previously, Florian Mayer was able to convince with his debut with 6: 3, 6: 2 against the Italian Alessandro Giannessi. With so far four draws it remains for Großhesselohe thus exciting in the fight for the league. On Sunday you can expect the team from TuS Sennelager. Thomas Becker

Finally, the STK still has an iron in the fire: at the end of August, the ladies 30 will also compete in the finals for the German team championship, at the Dusseldorf Rochus club. Not so conveniently located from the transport links (A3 to Hubbelrath), but only 602 kilometers away. And in case of need, there is still Whatsapp.

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