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Tennis - top sport with minor flaws - sports in the region

After 16 years, the TC Großhesselohe returns with a 3: 3 against Cologne on the domestic system in the Bundesliga. The defeat at Master Mannheim can not diminish the joy.

Was that a "Sorry, Kevin"? Andreas Mies said this to his twin partner, to correct immediately: "Uh, sorry, Adam." Mies is a person of exquisite courtesy, he apologized to Adam Pavlasek for an unnecessarily crafty ball. With the Czech Mies formed the two-two of the Cologne THC Stadium Rot-Weiss in the Bundesliga match at TC Großhesselohe. Because Mies is also a tennis professional with extraordinary skills, he did not miss many balls, the Cologne duo won in straight sets with 6: 4 and 6: 3 against the Austrian doubles host Großhesselohe with Dennis Novak and Oliver Marach, it was close 400 spectators 3: 3 compensation for the guests, an ultimately fair final result.

That Mies was in the heat of the moment by name of his partner had sold out, is not surprising, because on the side of Kevin Krawietz Mies spends much more time than with his Czech club colleague. A few weeks ago, Krawietz / Mies still won the French Open, as the first German doubles since 1937, they won at a Grand Slam tournament - which catapulted the two in one fell swoop in the focus of the interested public. But this time Krawietz stood about 50 meters as the crow flies further on the center court of the pretty facility in Pullach. The 27-year-old has been playing for Grosshesselohe in the Bundesliga for years and had recently won his double with Matthias Bachinger, also in straight sets (6: 3, 7: 5) against Santiago Giraldo and Jan Choinski.

Side by side with the triumph in Paris, Mies and Krawietz are now playing against each other

The direct duel between the two Grand Slam champions was prevented by pure coincidence, as Grosshesselohe's team manager Christopher Kas revealed. The teams are compiled just before the game starts, Kas ordered Krawietz and Bachinger to one, the Cologne offered Mies in the second doubles. In the run-up to the two friends joked with each other, told Krawietz who would be more afraid of a direct duel, "I think he was nervous," joked Krawietz. Mies also thought it was "weird", but thanks to the constellation there was a victory for both of them, which was quite good for the self-confidence, as Mies found. Because after the triumph in Paris "we have not won a game". Wimbledon finished in round one.

Mies felt the draw in Grosshesselohe incidentally as a point loss, "it would have been more". In fact, the replacement weakened Cologne, who lacked the injured Dustin Brown, Oscar Otte and Andreas Seppi, surprisingly strong, the Colombian Giraldo, actually Cologne's number eight, wrestled the strong Bachinger in a rousing duel in the matchbreak with 10: 3 down.

The Ampermochinger set one had thanks to his variable and powerful game - again and again he sprinkled batchless stops or duped his opponent with net attacks - with 6: 2 still dominated. But Giraldo fought back. In Bachinger's game, the mistakes multiplied, and he lost the second set in a tie-break.

Because Grosshesselohes young Spaniard Alejandro Davidovich in position four against the Czech Pavlasek at 3: 6, 3: 6 had no chance, it was up to Peter Gojowczyk to avert the deciding 0-3. Gojowczyk did the same for Bachinger and set sentence one against Choinski: "In the first set he had no order," Gojowczyk ordered the 6: 2 correctly, but then he forgave a break chance right at the beginning of the second set. "It's going a bit through my season," said the Davis Cup player, "that gave him confidence, he realized he could win" - set two went 6: 4 to the Cologne. But in the match-break Gojowczyk kept his nerves at 12:10, "there's always luck," he admitted.

Close game on top level: This is the first Bundesliga, says French Open winner Krawietz

Team manager Kas was then full of praise, especially as Gojowczyk had learned of Bachinger's defeat during the match, which increased the pressure on him. So far, the tournament year did not go as desired, but Kas sees Gojowczyk in ascending form: "Peter is very close to the constitution of the previous years," said Kas, "his best tennis is yet to come." The equalizer to 2: 2 after the individual finally made Dennis Novak ago. The Austrian is set at TCG at two and delivered with the Belgian Kimmer Coppejans an intense and high-class exchange of blows. "There were six games at top level," emphasized Krawietz after the draw, even Novak won the match tie (7: 5, 2, 6, 10: 4).

However, team manager Kas, Novak's idea of ​​putting experienced countryman Marach aside, did not work out. "They know each other from the Davis Cup," said Kas, and the 38-year-old was still the number two in the double world ranking last year, currently at 18. However, Cologne's French Open winner Mies was too strong on this one Day, even if he got the wrong name.

On Sunday, the German champion TK Grün-Weiss Mannheim developed a close game, but this time Gojowczyk lost to two with just under 12:14 in the match-breaking. Because Bachinger had lost to one and Daniel Brands to four in two sets, the defending champion led after the singles 3: 1. The Spaniard Davidovich scored the point in Mannheim, but the 3: 6, 2: 6 of Brands and Bachinger in a one-two double was enough for the league leaders for the third victory in the third game. Rising Grand Hesselohe is with 2: 4 points in sixth in the midfield of the Zehnerliga, so is fully on schedule. Because the goal of the season, as Team Manager Kas and Sporting Director Bernard Eßmann agree, is the league.

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