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"On Sunday, the feeling suddenly came back": Alexander Zverev finds his way back to form at the US Open. And Andrea Petkovic is back on track, defeating sixth-seeded Petra Kvitova and saying, "I'm very happy with my psyche."

Anyone who has seriously pursued a sport knows that there are days when it just does not work. The flank of football defoliates the trees behind the goal, no throw in basketball falls into the basket and the backhand of tennis brings the spectators in the first rows in mortal danger. There is no understandable reason, it is just like that, and if this crisis lasts several days, weeks, months, then that is firmly in the head, the great football philosopher Andreas Brehme once said: "Haste shit on the foot, Shit on the foot. "

Alexander Zverev recently had shit on his hands, the second serve had become a problem, there was no rational explanation for it. "I've been serving for hours for the last ten days, it was awful," he says. Only: Anyone who has seriously pursued a sport knows that it will eventually click again. "For us tennis players this is sometimes complicated," says Zverev: "On Sunday, the feeling was suddenly back, just like that." In time for the US Open, the problem was eliminated, confidence in one's own abilities was restored, and the five-set win in the first round assured him that he could survive crises.

In the second round, Zverev defeated the dangerous, with psychological skirmishes such as extensive toilet visits, tactical injury breaks and body-punished balls wandered and fueled by the American audience at Arthur Ashe Stadium Frances Tiafoe (USA) with 6: 3, 3: 6, 6 : 2, 2: 6, 6: 3. He stayed calm as he had done two days before in the crucial moments of the last set, he did not let himself be confused by Tiafoe's felines - as if it had been clicked at some point and now Zverev would know how to behave in these moments.

"I'm already used to that," says Zverev after his eleventh five-set match of the past two years - more has not completed any player - about these little crises that have so far in his career certainly sometimes despair and then lose "I am a bit more experienced now and know how to behave in these games, in these situations, and I am also fit enough to hold on to such games to the end."

This leads directly to Andrea Petkovic, who could now write a book about how it is when it's not working - and also about what it's like when it clicks. She won 6: 4, 6: 4 against sixth seeded Petra Kvitova (Czech Republic) and is back in the third round of the US Open for the first time since 2015. "In the last few weeks I'm with my, I'm quiet in the crucial moments," she said afterwards: "I finally wanted to win in my favorite city and in front of my friends who do not watch tennis otherwise."

It clicked on the two of them, and of course, if you've been serious about a sport, you know that when it comes to athletes, if they believe in themselves, and if they stay relaxed in the important moments of important games, then you can The tournament may well take a bit longer - first of all until Saturday, then both play for the first knockout round.

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