News : The 10 anecdotes and curiosities that the European of Torun leaves us

News : The 10 anecdotes and curiosities that the European of Torun leaves us

The European of Torun left us endless curiosities

What was given is over. Four very intense days of competition in Torun that have quenched that terrible thirst that we had for a great international national team championship. After a very difficult 2020 for everyone, the fact that the European could be played in the Polish town was a gift. Something that we did not give more importance to before (obviously it is always an enjoyment when these appointments come) this time became a liberation for many. Both for fans and for the athletes themselves. Without an audience, with many more restrictions than usual, with last minute casualties and very sensitive due to coronavirus positives or various setbacks. But it could be celebrated.


And, like all championships, this European Championship in Torun has left us a thousand stories and curiosities. Moments of “earth swallow me”, unlikely anecdotes. We are going to try to list some of them (obviously not all because there is always something that escapes).

  • The German Andres Bechmann, who finished sixth in the heptathlon (behind Jorge Ureña, silver, and favorite Kevin Mayer, gold), ran the 1,000-meter test (the last of the seven) without a shoe. An image of the start shows how he loses one of his shoes and finishes the race with one foot barefoot. Surreal. Bechmann finished last with 2: 47.51.
  • The reaction of the Dutch at the 400 ceremony. Husillos, champion, saw how Bonevacia put his hand on his heart while the Spanish anthem sounded. The two Dutch were very animated and the truth was that it was a funny scene that left us before the astonished look of Husillos.
  • Tiffany Porter, British hurdler, se hung the bronze medal running with a mask. It was one of the images of the championship without a doubt. The funny thing is that Porter was vaccinated. She is a pharmacist and administers the vaccine in Michigan. “It is an extra protection for me. I’m used to it because I train with her every day ”.
  • Positive for coronavirus. One of the hardest blows to the local parish was seeing how their The male relay of the 4 × 400, who aspired to everything, could not participate in the test on the last day because of the positive of four of the six members.
  • The ‘show’ of the judges: Without a doubt it has been the European of the disqualifications and the requalifications. The famous rule TR17.3.2 has given a lot to talk about. The most ‘mediatic’ case was that of Jakob Ingebrigtsen. The Norwegian, who had achieved gold in 1,500, was disqualified after stepping outside the cones in a collision with the Polish Rozmys. Then it was downgraded. The same happened in the women’s 1,500, where the British Archer was disqualified and then re-qualified. Also Águeda Muñoz, but in her case they left her as disqualified …
  • The pet. That kind of hybrid between biscuit and sponge cake that sneaked into all the photos and tests and before which many people wondered what it meant. We explained it to you days ago. I know It is about ‘pierniki’, a typical gingerbread of the region that has a history that goes back centuries. Some spicy cookies baked since the 14th century.
  • The Lavillenie brothers. They have gone through ups and downs in their relationship, but the embrace of Renaud (world exlusmarquista) with his younger brother Valentin after achieving this silver was most exciting.
  • The Italian Tamberi. Always in the spotlight, the Italian ‘showman’, one of the best high jumpers in the world, appeared this time without a beard and with dyed Latin blonde hair. On other occasions we have seen him with half of his beard shaved, a shoe of each color …
  • Pierre-Ambroise Bosse ran with borrowed sneakers. The Frenchman, sixth in the final of the 800, contested the test with a New Balance loaned by his partner Jordier.
  • A representative of the refugee team. Dorian Celeste Keletela, who lives, trains and competes in Portugal, is a Congolese refugee. He participated in the flat 60s and made a mark of 6.91 (eighth in his series).

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