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The 10 best New Balance running shoes

New Balance, one of the most important brands of running shoes of recent times, is standing out for not stopping to innovate and present new models. In fact, when preparing this list of the "10 best" You really realize that it's a challenge. And all the blame is on the American brand, because the level they are reaching each and every one of their models of technical range to run have, unquestionably, a high quality.

Large product families, such as Fresh Foam, 800 Series, Fuelcore / Fuelcell, Competition or the Trail itself, have plenty of candidates to enter that list. New Balance plays all the clubs, from the daily training shoes, to the competition, to the mixed shoes that help so many to progress in their training sessions. We have chosen the ten more representative of that enormous push that in recent years has given New balance to its running division.

Much of that "fault" has New Balance Sports Research Lab, where the American brand puts all its efforts in finding the best technological solutions based on the continuous study of thousands and thousands of runners, from the most modest to the athletes most outstanding professionals of your NB Team. What they call Data to Design and that is reflected in the relationship that well follows:


Open this series with New balance Fresh Foam 1080 v9 is fair, given the prestige gained and has forged reputation as one of the best options in the market in daily training shoes. No doubt those who seek cushioning and comfort for all types of runs, and especially the longer ones, will take advantage of it.

A guarantee in its eight previous deliveries, incorporates improvements, starting with an additional 2mm thickness in the midsole but, with the new Fresh Foam, that greater cushioning will be lighter. Speaking in numbers, the height of the heel is 24mm and that of the goals, 16mm: all for an 8mm drop. Above, a booty type structure is made with a double mesh engineering and Jacquard Mesh.

In the heel, the new Ultraheel made in 3D is responsible for a good fit and comfort. In the sole, the Blown Rubber material, with zone mapping according to the pressure, provides a great grip with an extra softness in the impact. Its weight drops to 294gr in men and 254gr in women. The official price of this 1080 v9, also "Top" in cushioning shoes in Fresh Foam, is € 170 (see offers).

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9, Running Shoes for Men, Red (Energy Red / NB Scarlet / Black), 43 EU
Price: EUR 149.90

You save: EUR 20.10 (12%)


New balance 890 v7 is a mixed shoe, the most "aggressive" of all the New Balance 800 series, which will be ideal for both fast training and competition. Respecting the essential characteristics of the previous delivery, the American brand has renewed almost all the shoe to further strengthen its light and fast profile, but with a more modern look.

In the midsole NB has combined two materials: RevLite and Ground Contact EVA, achieving that the weight is reduced, but allowing the tread to be more dynamic. The drop is just 6mm in a midsole that is also part of the sole, where this Ground Contact EVA has most of it in contact with the ground. Despite being resistant, it is not as sturdy as rubber and New Balance has skillfully reinforced it with small solid rubber strips on both the forefoot, heel and toe to improve durability. The mesh is Hypoknit type, which offers a breathable and dynamic fit (this is during all phases of the tread). It is topped by a neck that closes around the ankle, but is elastic to favor shoes and take off. The strategic areas, such as the fingers and sides are those that have more openings in the mesh for better ventilation.

The weight is incredibly low: only 204gr in the man's finish and 158gr in the woman's finish. The official price of New Balance 890v7 is € 120 (see offers).

New Balance 890v6 Women'S Running Shoes - SS18-40


New Balance Zante Solas and New Balance Zante Pursuit are a pair of hand-picked models to replace New Balance Fresh Foam Zante, which has actually evolved in these two, each with its own characteristics:

Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit: Regarding Zante, its midsole grows in 2mm thickness. New Balance has searched for this Sneaker is more cushioned to allow you to attack greater distances comfortably. The laser technology does its job, but it is not the only novelty since the new HypoKnit upper is capable of both stretching and holding the foot. Built in one piece comes with a reinforced heel thanks to the Heel Counter, with internal foam, but external rigidity to stabilize when hitting the ground. The material used in the sole is solid rubber (which New Balance calls Rubber Outsole). Through it it is possible to see the laser engraving of the midsole. The official price of New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is € 120 (see offers).

Fresh Foam Zante Solas: It is a shoe designed to go fast. If before we said that Zante Pursuit could accompany many kilometers, Zante Solas will want to accompany us, but to go fast. The Fresh Foam laser-engraved midsole with a fairly low profile (12 / 18mm) gives a 6mm drop. Being very flexible, its fit is also sock, with a design that hides some laces that seem to sprout from within, rather than being passed. The mesh is also made with Hypoknit. The collar actually rises in such a way that depending on how you look at this Zante Solas you do not know if it is a sock or slipper, while the sole is made with Ground Contact EVA. His incredible 149gr in the finish of man speak by themselves of the profile of this shoe. The official price of New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Solas is € 110.

NEW BALANCE Fresh Foam Zante Solas -WZANSSG- (44 EU, Mineral Green)

Price: EUR 89.00

You save: EUR 21.00 (19%)


New Balance Fresh Foam Iron v4 It is a versatile trail shoe. Heiress of the beloved Leadville model, Hierro managed not only to match, but to exceed the benefits of that one. She is a good partner for long runs (and better if they are corribles), to take full advantage of it. They are stable and cover a good contact surface with the ground. On top it uses Stretch Film Upper, a breathable mesh reinforced with heat-sealed. Behind, a hidden, but forceful contratacón stabilize the ankle. From it two reinforcing strips that go to the last two holes of the laces so that, by knotting the loop, from here the whole is well reinforced. The bowl is crowned by a sock neck that will prevent small pebbles from entering.

The midsole is still built with Fresh Foam (but using the new laser engraving and lighter). It has generous heights of 28 and 20mm, which gives a drop of 8mm. Underneath, a sole constructed with Vibram® MegaGrip guarantees grip on any surface. The weight is 324gr in men and 267gr in women. The official price of Fresh Foam Iron v4 is € 140. (See Offers)

New Balance Fresh Foam Iron V4 Running Shoe for Earth (2E Width) - SS19-44.5

Price: EUR 79.34

You save: EUR 52.90 (40%)


New Balance 860v9 is a shoe with support (thanks to the Dual Density material and its strategic location) that will control over-pronation for the realization of all kinds of training, given its versatility. Well damped and with a 10mm drop, its weight is 327gr in men and 272gr in women. She is not the lightest in the class, but she is prepared to give war.

The renewed upper uses a double Jacquard mesh, so, to the technical renewal, it also follows the aesthetics. The midsole uses TruFuse technology to provide progressive cushioning with moderate pronation control. Some of the changes to highlight with respect to the previous version are found in the sole, where NB has put more rubber under the first metatarsal and shaped the longitudinal groove that guides the tread. Blown Rubber material is used in the forefoot, which favors the race on hard surfaces such as asphalt, while NDurance, one of the most resistant rubbers of the American brand, is inserted in the heel. The official price of New Balance 860 v9 is € 140 (see offers man) - (see Offers woman).

New Balance 860v9 Women's Running Shoe - AW18-38


New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon is the bet of the American brand to reach those who seek a shoe for daily training that is soft and simple in shape, that is light but generously cushioned and that is comfortable, but keeping elements that make it competitive. The midsole uses the new design of Fresh Foam Ground Contact that incorporates Injected EVA, becoming a cushioned, lightweight and also resistant. The sole incorporates Small Rubber Lugs, some small additions of solid rubber. The rest is the Fresh Foam Ground Contact itself of the midsole, in contact with the ground and resistant to abrasion. Above the adjustment and breathability are borne by Circular Knit Mesh that, with a simple design, closes on the foot comfortably.

Being of training, its extraordinary low weight (213gr in men and 179gr in women!) Places it as a very good option as a lightweight cushioned shoe. The drop is 6mm, based on heights of 26mm in the heel and 20mm in the forefoot. The official price of Fresh Foam Beacon is € 110 (see offers).

New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon, Running Shoes for Men, Red (Team Red / Flame / White RF), 44 EU
Price: EUR 91.95

You save: EUR 18.05 (16%)


New Balance FuelCell Rebel is another model designed to go fast. Thanks to the FuelCell technology in the midsole, which uses a foam that is given a nitrogen injection, it is possible to provide a better impulse at the same time that the material becomes more durable. It is ideal for those who seek to go one step further when it comes to forcing the pace in their careers. The weight helps in that since it only weighs 208g for them and 174g for them.

The midsole uses a 6mm drop that hides a combination of RevLite and FuelCell material in the forefoot, to improve the drive. To increase this facet, the front has a pronounced curvature that also influences the race train. The sole is worth noting as well, since it has many small studs in the forefoot to influence a great traction. On top, a one-piece mesh with boot structure closes perfectly on the foot to hold it in the race. The holes to sweat are not very large, but they are very numerous, so that aspect is also controlled.

The official price of New Balance FuelCell Rebel is € 140 (see offers).

New Balance Fuel Cell Impulse, Running Shoes for Women, Gray (Light Cyclone / Dragonfly GP), 39 EU
Price: EUR 80.95

You save: EUR 59.05 (42%)


New Balance Fresh Foam More makes good the motto with which the American brand presents it: Made soft to work hard ... Neither more nor less. If you have manufactured a model with an unprecedented midsole height in this centennial brand, it is because they are clear about what they are looking for: the model with the highest level of cushioning that New Balance has ever built.

It is a daily training shoe, but due to its characteristics it should not be out of place in races, especially long distance ones. The rhythms to be used would be the most appropriate to the training based on filming, 4'20 "-4'30", up without limit of rolling quietly.

Due to its high degree of cushioning and the careful stability it will be possible to use runners and runners of all types of weights, even those of greater weight, although perhaps you may end up missing stronger reinforcements in the upper for this last case. And in general, all those who seek maximum cushioning. The weight is really surprising for all these characteristics since it stays in only 292gr in the man's finish and 231gr in the woman's.

The official price of New Balance Fresh Foam More is € 150 (see offers).

New Balance Men's More V1 Fresh Foam Running Shoe
Price: EUR 137,84


New Balance 1500 v5 is the evolution of this "nervous" model that shows a profile that is well worth as a mixed almost flying or a flier with mixed properties. This small tongue twister is the result of the use of a midsole made entirely of RevLite, a cushioned material 30% lighter than other standard foams; an orientation of its geometries that optimizes the impact and helps to have a better and faster transition, and the use of double density material and TBeam to help in the support and stability. The upper uses a mesh with light materials (fused to not have seams) that will wrap the foot, especially in the middle area, for a good grip, very important in a competition shoe.

On the other hand, the distribution of the sole has not changed, but the design of the tacking. Now the studs are thinner and more incisive, but they also occupy a larger area in order to gain as much traction as possible and also durability. The adhesion is guaranteed thanks to the use of different densities. The official price of New Balance 1500 v5 is € 120 (see offers) -

New Balance M1500V5, Running Shoes for Men, Black Black / Green, 44 EU
Price: EUR 105.98

You save: EUR 14.02 (12%)


New Balance 880 v9 belongs to the group of daily training shoes and is aimed at runners and runners with neutral tread or seedlings looking for a soft and reliable cushioning. Also, stability is a concept that gives added value.

The midsole relies on a TruFuse base (combination of ACTEVA Lite and ABZORB), for a soft cushion recognizable as classic. This part of the shoe is not very high and stays in a ratio of 22-12 for a drop of 10mm. The sole combines two materials: Blown Rubber, with better grip, in the area under the metatarsals, and NDurance, more durable, in the heel area. The mesh of the upper cut is a double Jacquard that offers more breathability in the area of ​​the fingers and midfoot.

This New Balance 880v9 remains in just 306gr in the finish of man and 260gr in the woman's. Shoe for a if you are going to use mainly to train and occasionally to compete, especially if all this is done by urban or hard surfaces such as asphalt.

New Balance 880v8 Women's Running Shoes - SS19-38

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