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The 10 most beautiful road bikes in the world

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Yes, yes, you read it correctly. Next, we go with a compilation of the 10 most beautiful road bikes in the world.

They say that there is nothing written about tastes and although undoubtedly everyone would make a different Top 10, I very much doubt that anyone can question the beauty or at least the spectacular of these models.

I wanted to make an interesting mix that combines business models with dreamlike custom designs. In addition, after a thorough search on social networks, I have opted to incorporate a variety of brands, models and budget. Bicycles with disc brakes, conventional, low and high profile wheels, classic and aerodynamic geometries. A perfect combo for you to drop the drool in front of the screen.

Are you missing a specific model? What bike do you think is the most beautiful in the world?

Factor one

We started the publication with one of the brands that has been going strong in recent years. The Norfolk (England) brand continues to take giant steps to establish itself as a benchmark brand on the international scene. Aesthetically crafted and with extreme lightness, the Road Factor bikes seem to have arrived on the market to stay. This personalized One factor is simply spectacular. A sublime design and high-end components to open your mouth with one of the most aerodynamic bikes in the world. Of course, Factor should start to adjust prices a little more if it wants to gain market share in certain countries.

Trek Madone

In such a compilation, the spectacular bicycle of the current road cycling world champion could not be missing. The Mads Pedersen Trek Madone is one of the prettiest and most eye-catching models I can remember seeing to date. The rainbow that identifies him as world champion shines with its own light in the front and the finishes of both the seatpost and the handlebars leave us one of the most aggressive road bikes today. Disc brakes and profile wheels to make a real missile available to the Trek racer.

Colnago C64

If anyone thought that all this was going to be aggressive, semi-futuristic and extravagantly colored models, they were very wrong. As I said at the beginning I wanted to make a compilation in which, as far as a Top 10 allows, they had space of all kinds. This Colnago C64 is elegance made by bicycle. A geometrically classic model but with a touch of quite modern component level. The mix of black and white color gives it the elegance it was talking about, while the rear Italian flag gives it the definitive distinctive touch. A bicycle for true romantics of this sport.

Specialized Venge

We carried three bikes and I am convinced that more than one was already missing a Specialized model. Well here you have this Specialized Venge that without having a spectacular color combination is the most beautiful that one can find by catalog. The most aerodynamic road bike from the Morgan Hill brand features beautiful finishes with disc brakes and very aggressive Sram components. The cream color of the covers without hardly realizing it gives the necessary aesthetic plus to leave an apparently minimalist model in an authentic example of elegance and finesse.

Bianchi Oltre XR4

A Bianchi bicycle could not be missing either. A historical brand and one of great reference when it comes to talking about aesthetics and beauty. This Bianchi Oltre XR4 is the customized version of Primoz Roglic. The Jumbo Visma rider rose last year on this bike with the final victory in the Tour of Spain. A bicycle with the characteristic light blue color of the Italian brand and with a spectacular custom front finish. Shimano components and profile wheels for what is surely the most beautiful bike in the entire World Tour squad.

Willier Cento 10

What would cycling be without Italian brands? This Willier Cento 10 is true that it is far from one of the best-selling models in the world but its aesthetic aggressiveness seems unquestionable to me. The blue color reminds us of this season's Astana team model and the disc brakes, profile wheels and rear ceramicspeed add the finishing touch. Streamlined version for one of the publication's boldest designs.

Canyon Aeroroad

It's not all going to be disc brakes. This Canyon Aeroroad is capable of exceptional aesthetics without the need to equip disc brakes. It is true that the wheels perhaps have too much profile when thinking about the effectiveness of the bicycle but the bluish color of the frame is one of the most beautiful designs that have been manufactured to date. A color that can be purchased by catalog and that becomes the official model of a whole outfit like the Movistar. Perhaps a stem with a fully integrated handlebar would be the sumun.

Factor one

The Factor One is the only bike that repeats on this list. As I mentioned at the beginning of the publication, for me it is a bicycle that has absolutely everything, both aesthetically and functionally. This design in bright red seems elegant, fine and spectacular to me. A version in disc brakes and that with a Sram Force group shows that you can get an aesthetically perfect bike without having to assemble the highest-end components.

Argon 18 Gallium

Who says now that climbing bikes are no longer pretty? This Argon 18 Gallium is a clear example that good paint and a fairly classic frame can do wonders. This Gallium mounts a Shimano Ultegra and mechanical transmission group that, far from the most expensive components on the market, is capable of leaving a fantastic finish. 40 profile wheels and cream-colored tires give it a beauty bonus.

Colnago Mapei C64

I did not want to say goodbye without leaving room for one of the most beautiful and historical bicycles in the world. This replica that Colnago makes of the official Mapei team bike is for me the most beautiful and daring of all. A color combination that transmits energy and joy. Surely the most beautiful competition frame that has existed to date and a real dream for the great fans of this sport.

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