News : The 1974 world champion drama: Kleff lay helpless in his apartment when he was two days

News : The 1974 world champion drama: Kleff lay helpless in his apartment when he was two days

Drama about the former national player and Bundesliga goalkeeper Wolfgang Kleff. The five-time champions with Borussia Mönchengladbach collapsed on the sofa in his house in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt due to a corona illness and said he was helpless on the floor for two days. This is reported by “Bild”.

The 74-year-old was lucky that his girlfriend and son were worried because Kleff hadn’t answered the phone. The police finally broke open the door to his home. Kleff on “Bild”: “I only remember that there were umpteen police cars and ambulances. They didn’t even want to take me with them because they thought I was drunk.”

Kleff was lucky with corona disease

Kleff was in the Elisabeth Hospital in Rheydt for 16 days, suffering from shortness of breath and loss of taste. But it didn’t have to be connected to external devices. The former goalkeeper was already ill with heart problems and a stroke.

Kleff says: “Fortunately, it wasn’t the worst form of Corona, but it was still bad enough. At first I didn’t even know who I was.” He knows how lucky he was in the matter: “If nobody had missed me, I would have rotten by now.”

Kleff: Five-time German champion and world champion from 1974

Meanwhile, the fan favorite from Gladbach is doing better again. Kleff has been back home for two weeks: “I’m very grateful for the outcome. I’ve been through so much in recent years. I’ve always been so close. God seems to like me a little and doesn’t want me to join yet have him. “

Kleff celebrated the German championship with his Borussia in 1970, 1971, 1975, 1976 and 1977, won the DFB Cup in 1973 and 1975 and even the Uefa Cup in 1979. He was in the goal of the German national team six times and was also in the squad as a substitute keeper when he won the 1972 European Championship and the 1974 World Cup.

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