News : The 7 documentaries and running movies on Netflix that you should not miss during the coronavirus quarantine

News :

The 7 documentaries and running movies on Netflix that you should not miss during the coronavirus quarantine

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If your addiction to running is already very advanced, and you are one of those who during the coronavirus quarantine has already started to run down the hallway of the house or in the parking lot of your farm, this selection of 6 best documentaries about running that you should see on Netflix is ​​going to come to you of a thousand wonders.

Get comfortable on the sofa (or on the reels) and enjoy the spectacle of foot sport.

The Barkley Marathons

In Tennessee, the toughest and undoubtedly most mysterious endurance race on the planet has taken place since 1985, the Barkley Marathon. The test is to walk 160 km with 18,200 meters of difference in altitude in 5 laps of 32kms, and 12 hours of limit for each one.

With the sad help of a compass and a map, the race is to find 9 books scattered around the circuit from which you have to tear a page to show that you have passed through all the points of the route. The terrain to kick is a terrible set of mountains and slopes, closed vegetation running practically without trails or even less roads. Two liquid hydration points at each turn and a total time limit of 60 hours.

"It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that your name has been selected for the Barkley Marathons that will take place in the Frozen Head park, in the state of Tennessee, United States"

Abstract background. Sneakers design. Tinker hatfield

Documentary included in the series of 8 chapters on the world of design "Abstract background. The art of design" In his chapter 2 we have probably the best documentary on shoe design till the date.

Abstact reviews the story of one of the most popular shoe designers, Tinker hatfield, Nike guru and responsible among other achievements of the design of the Air Jordan. Very interesting to see the whole creative process behind the creation of some sneakers and in this documentary we are delighted with precious sketches in which we will not hesitate to put the pause to enjoy them a few more seconds.

The documentary is full of anecdotes such as the story of the famous air camera in view of the 1987 Nike Air Max 1 that everyone believed would be an absolute failure ...

Karl Metzer. Made to be Broken

The winner of an Emmy Matt Katsolis directs this story of the ultra-long distance winner Karl Metzer on their third attempt - after failing in 2008 and 2014 - to complete the Appalachian Trail route to the eastern United States through fourteen states with a total length of 3,253 kilometers.

Karl Metzer, born not far from the Appalachians, was already playing with his colleagues in one of the sections of this mountain range: “My wife knows that I am obsessed, all my friends know that I am obsessed" Even your friend and partner Scott Jurek She scoffed at him for this obsession of his that he failed to fulfill.

Metzer did about 80km a day in 2016, sleeping very little and on a diet based on peanut butter, pizza and sandwiches. Of course, behind Metzer he had at his disposal a complete recording equipment, support and medical services (well sponsored by Red Bull), a fact that has earned him some criticism from the most purist ...

Gun runners

A story of friendship, weapons and running in the heart of the Rift Valley. Gun runners is the story of how Arile and Matanda, two Kenyan warriors (bandits), they trade their rifles for a pair of running shoes. For 8 years this Canadian documentary directed by Angali Nayar follows his life stories linked to the Kenyan Dream - the Kenyan American dream - that pushes them to the starting line of the New York Marathon. At LBDC we already wrote about this documentary that we were passionate about.

I am Bolt

Docureality that took two years to record on the winner of nine consecutive medals at the Olympics -the triple triple- Usain Bolt, the fastest man in history. Full access to the day to day of the Jamaican, to his training sessions but also to his most festive moments. A relaxed Bolt opens up, showing us his post-race thoughts, his dialogues with rivals but also his most difficult experiences, such as his discouragement when injured.

Bolt stresses the importance of teaching all his fans how the path to his goals goes, the effort and suffering behind all his unappealable victories.

A good opportunity to re-view his careers that are already part of the history of world sport and to see what other stars from other sports disciplines like Serena Williams and O’Rei Pelé himself say about him.

"When I saw the movie I felt all those emotions again, it helped me relive what I went through


Although the underlying theme is not about running, Stronger is a movie inspired by a true story related to the Boston Marathon, and we believe that it cannot be missing from this list. It stars Jeff Bauman (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), a 27-year-old who was a spectator at the Dramatic 2013 Boston Marathon cheering on his ex-girlfriend Erin (Tatiana Maslany) when the bombs exploded and he lost both legs in the attack.

After regaining consciousness at the hospital, Jeff helps the police and faces months of harsh physical and emotional rehabilitation with the support of Erin and her family.

An inspiring and very emotional story full of humanity and also a sense of humor.

The incarnation of the famous Boston Strong made movie.

  • Year: 2017
  • Duration: 1h 58min.
  • Stronger

100 meters

The incredible story of Ramon Arroyo, who after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis managed to finish an entire Ironman, one of the hardest tests that exist (3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 cycling and a marathon).

This feat was immortalized in 2015 in a great documentary "The Challenge of Ramón Arroyo" from the Robinson Report. Safety pin!

Despite having a hard background, the film is a song to life, to overcoming and optimism as modus vivendi. Ramon (Dani Rovira), his wife, Inma (Alexandra Jiménez), and the father-in-law, Manolo (Karra Elejalde) make up a fantastic trio that give life and shape to this great story.

"In a year you will not be able to walk even a hundred meters" We are not so sure :)))

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