News : The Adidas prototype to stand up to the VaporFly

News :

The Adidas prototype to stand up to the VaporFly

Image of the Adidas prototype we've seen lately

We could see it in the past Houston Half Marathon. Also in the 10k of Valencia. It seems that Adidas has 'put the batteries' and is playing the right keys to get closer to the performance that Nike's famous VaporFly have offered (and for which the vast majority of athletes have bet) in a technological war that is breaking all the molds. It should be remembered that a few weeks ago the Kenyan Rhonex Kipruto already achieved the 10k World Record in Valencia wearing the German brand, something until a couple of months ago almost unthinkable seeing on the starting lines the very high percentage of the elite who wore (and dress) Nike's flying.

Houston can be a starting point

Another great example is found the other day in Houston. There were fantastic results in the prestigious average of the American city and we could see in some Adidas athletes a prototype shoe that until now we could not appreciate. Totally white and with a very high drop and with a lot of presence. We have virtually no information (as well as the AlphaFly that Kipchoge wore in his Challenge to get off the two hours in marathon), but with almost total security they hide a carbon fiber plate (or more).

In Houston we could see them Philemon Kiplimo and Abel Kipchumba, who finished at 59:28 and 59:35, respectively (fourth and fifth). Some experts say that this prototype would be even lighter and could reduce muscle impact more than VaporFly Next%, but in reality they are only assumptions.

A new era in the marathon

After the huge uproar that has lifted the entire Nike theme, a new horizon opens now that we will see how it evolves. The truth is The marathon has turned around lately with the emergence of the Next and 4%; the marks have been reduced exponentially and more and more athletes are coming down with almost ‘ease’ from 2:07 or 2:08 in the distance of the Philippi. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the official pronunciation of the IAAF in this regard and if the notices issued about a possible prohibition or limitation in footwear ends up being effective (it is said that it could affect the AlphaFly that Eliud wore in Vienna, but not the VaporFly Next)

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