News : "The anti-page control arrived and jumped out the window"

News :

"The anti-page control arrived and jumped out the window"

Image of a training camp in Kenya

Each time it surprises us less and we are more distressed by the amount of positives for doping and news that come to us from athletes who skip controls and are continually sanctioned. Kenya is at the center of all eyes by concentrating much of the ‘scandals’ who are splashing athletics in recent years (more than 60 Kenyans arrested the last five years for violating the anti-doping rules) and precisely Barnaba Korir, a member of the Kenyan Athletics Federation, tells a fairly recent anecdote about it, but without revealing the name of the offender.

"He escaped through the window, but no matter how far he runs, he won't be able to avoid us"

Apparently, according to Korir, a top Kenyan athlete literally jumped out the window when a group of anti-doping drivers unexpectedly broke into his ‘training camp’ in the African country this week in Kapsabet, in the west of the country. "Those from the Athletic Integrity Unit arrived and told us if I could go to the bathroom and ended up running out the window. But as fast as they are and as much as they run they will not be able to escape the strict measures and controls that we are imposing, ”Korir adds in an interview with‘ Reuters ’.

Without revealing the identity

The member of the Kenyan Federation did not want to reveal the name or if it was an athlete with international achievements. "He is a well-known athlete", just clarified. Current anti-doping measures dictate that athletes must inform the authorities of their whereabouts for one hour each day and in the event of three failures (not being present at that time) they are imposed an automatic sanction of 12 months. WADA, in a report published in September 2018, said 138 Kenyans had tested positive in the period from 2004 to August 2018.

The last and most famous cases, those of Kipketer, Kipsang or Kiptum.

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