News : The atrocity of JuVaughn Harrison

News : The atrocity of JuVaughn Harrison

JuVaughn Harrison, one of the current stars of American athletics

Another one of the ‘child prodigies’ of American athletics. In a few weeks of a lot of competitive activity and with the first sword letting itself be seen and showing a level of excellent form As it is only the beginning of the outdoor season, a name is among those that are ringing the most for the power and size of its brands and for its versatility.

And is that JuVaughn Harrison has already achieved, at this stage of the season, the Olympic minimum in the high jump and in the long jump. An absolute outrage in the case of two brands to beat already very demanding (2.33 meters in height and 8.22 in length). His feat is so tremendous that it is the first time that an athlete has led the world rankings in length and height at the same time. With 22 years old.

1.93 and has also competed in hurdles

Harrison, 22, a student at the University of Louisiana, He already had the best world record of the year in length with his 8.45 meter record made on March 12 on the indoor track in Fayetteville (Arkansas) during the college championships.

No other athlete had achieved, throughout history, gather two marks of this level in two different jumping disciplines. This time it was outdoors, during the Southeastern Conference (SEC) finals. His high jump record was unbeatable for his rivals, and in length he had to settle for second place. His 8.24 meters were surpassed by the Jamaican Carey McLeod, winner with 8.34.

Born in Huntsville (Alabama) to Jamaican parentsHarrison, also a soccer and basketball fan, is a 1.93-tall athlete who has also competed in hurdles, like his mother, Georgia, who reached a good college level.

He trains under the direction of Tom Lane and had his first great international success when at the 2018 U-20 World Cups in Tampere (Finland) he won the bronze medal in height with a jump of 2.23 meters.

Love them both equally

In 2019 he achieved, in the open air and on different days, the university degrees of length (8.20) and height (2.27). After the hiatus of competitions for the pandemic, “Mr Jumps”, as he is becoming known in the athletic world, has made a spectacular progression this season.

On March 12, at the Randal Tyson Track Center in Fayetteville (Arkansas), he achieved, in a single day, the same double on the indoor track (8.45 and 2.30), something that no one had achieved in 56 years of championships history.

Asked if at some point he will have to choose one of the two disciplines, he stated in an interview broadcast by World Athletics: “If you asked me in my early years, I would have answered that I prefer height, but to this day I love both tests with the same intensity“.

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