News : The barbarity of brands that were lived in the Marathon of Seville

News :

The barbarity of brands that were lived in the Marathon of Seville

Image of the winner of the test in Seville

His technical director Javier Gavela already told us before the test dispute: “Runners from all over the world are coming looking for a minimum for Tokyo; Beyond the Spanish Championship, Seville is also going to be an "informal" national championship in many countries. There will be a spectacular level. ” And, without a doubt, it was. In a flat circuit, very flat, and with spectacular conditions (about 13º of temperature started), Seville offered the participants an unbeatable setting to implement months of training and as a springboard for the hundreds of Olympic dreams that came to the Andalusian asphalt.

One numbers at the height of the best

So much so, that the figures left by the race are from Aúpa and at the height of the best marathons in the world. 14 sub 2h8 '(same as in Dubai'20), 19 sub 2h10' (two more than in Dubai 2012), 30 sub 2h11 '(eight more than in Valencia '19), 33 sub 2h12 (33 more than in Valencia' 19), 35 sub 2h13 '(one more than in Valencia '19) and 37 sub 2h14' (one more than in Valencia '19).

Undoubtedly, a true barbarity that consolidates Seville as one of the favorite destinations in the first tests of the year to look for minimums and personal brands. Beyond that, it should be noted that the record of the test winner, Mekuant Ayenew (2:04:46) represents the test record and the best world brand of 2020. In addition, Javi Guerra achieved the third best Spanish brand in history with 2:07:27, six seconds faster than another Spanish, Ben Daoud, who points to the Games as well. Iván Fernández, 2:09:55. It is necessary to add, for example, a whole Record of Israel, the one that Maru Teferi (2.07.20) and another of Sweden (Mustafa Mohamed with 2.10.03) achieved.

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