News : The “barbarity” of Fernando Carro in the Spanish Championship

News : The “barbarity” of Fernando Carro in the Spanish Championship

Carro and Maple, two of the great favorites to gold in the 3,000 obstacles

What Fernando Carro is an athlete who enjoys what he does to the fullest it is beyond question. That he is aware that what he does causes delight to the fans and that this is about a show, too. The Madrilenian has left us in recent times moments for history, apocalyptic endings, unimaginable records.

He has grown a lot under the orders of Arturo Martín, he is very active in social networks, where he loves to comment on everything and show us his training and feelings at all times. In the end, in such a long-suffering sport and in a summer like this so atypical, without an audience in the stands, with so many races and championships canceled, people who take risks, who jump into the pool are very much appreciated, who trains as if there is no tomorrow without knowing where and when he will be able to compete.

For the machado

Carro is aware of this. In fact, a few weeks ago he told us in an interview that he had decided to continue training during confinement as if he were going to compete after a few days or weeks, with the same or more motivation. A point of madness that accompanies him wherever he goes and that has undoubtedly served him to live a great summer in which he has achieved a personal best in 1,500 and 5,000, make a very good career in the Diamond League in Monaco and reach This Spanish Championship with the highest expectations.

Fernando, in these strange and unusual months of challenges, He has entered the 3,000 obstacles and the 5,000. An “outrage”, as has been crossed out by a myth like Jesús España. On Saturday at 7:30 p.m. he will compete in the final of the 3,000 obstacles, where he is the great favorite (with the permission of Dani Arce). Just 24 hours later, at 7:40 p.m. on Sunday, it will run the 5,000. One of the star events of the weekend with a luxury lineup. Abadía, Oukhelfen, Oumaiz, Chiki Pérez… and Carro. The doublet is very complicated, but the mere fact of trying it is already to be applauded.

“In such a different year, let’s try to do peculiar things! We are going to enjoy it Jesus ”, commented the athlete after the tweet published by Jesús España. To play!

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