News : The Barcelona Marathon is canceled until November 2021

News :

The Barcelona Marathon is canceled until November 2021

The Zurich Marató de Barcelona will not be able to live its 2020 edition

After a couple of days ago the 'Rock'n roll Madrid Marathon' decided to give its arm to twist and cancel its 2020 edition, the truth is that the Zurich Marató in Barcelona was in a very complicated situation given the current situation of uncertainty due to the coronavirus crisis and the large number of measures and restrictions that had to be taken to reduce a latent risk since the start of the pandemic. The organization, through its social media accounts, its website and the official channels of the Barcelona city council, has issued a statement explaining the reasons for the cancellation and also detailing the compensations and options they have from now on for those enrolled.

After being one of the first to be postponed due to the pandemic, the organization moved the date to October 25, but their dispute has finally been unfeasible.


“We know of the illusions placed in the preparation of the Marató and of the great efforts that you have put into its preparation. Aware of this, we have worked until the last moment to adapt the race to the current circumstances ”.

“However, we have had to make this difficult decision to guarantee the total safety of runners, public and organizers. The Zurich Marató Barcelona will return on November 7, 2021. Registered members have three options:

  • Pass the number to 2021 with the possibility of running the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona (10/17/2021) for free
  • Return of 75% of the registration and 25% of voluntary donation to the organization to offset expenses.
  • 100% refund of registration. In the next few days we will get in touch with all those registered.

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