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The best components to improve your bike

how to improve the bike

A bicycle is made up of more than 200 pieces. All of them are essential, but if you are looking improve the bike Changing a bolt will not have the same impact as a saddle or wheelset.

Every component It performs its function and the overall performance of the bicycle will be conditioned on the quality of these components, but also on their price. As you may have seen in your own meats, cycling is not a particularly cheap sport. Prices continue to rise and the technological development associated with some components causes us to find prices that 10 years ago would seem totally exorbitant.

For this reason, if what you are looking for is to maximize your investment, you will be interested in knowing the best bike components in which to scratch your pocket. We go with the most interesting options that the market offers for improve your bike. Most of them serve both road and MTB.

How can I improve my bike?


Few components are as important as wheel. Good wheels will give a constant inertia to your bicycle and with the same effort will allow you to advance at a higher average speed.

After all, the wheels are in charge of giving you traction and are the only part of the bicycle that comes into direct contact with the ground. There are countless models and it is often difficult to opt for one or the other. They are available in high, low or medium profile, with disc brake, shoe and with tubular or cover.

Look for some wheel that adapt to your real needs. If you don't compete you probably don't need to mount them with tubular whereas if you live in a mountainous area it won't make much sense to mount a very high profile either. You have to find an aesthetic product, but also a functional one.

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Good wheels improve aesthetics and performance


If you want to lighten your bike a saddle it is one of the best options. The cost of a good saddle is higher than it may seem, but believe me, sooner rather than later you will appreciate the investment. The saddle is above all comfort. Choose a saddle that fits well with your physiology. As a personal recommendation I would tell you that at this point you will forget about imitation Chinese products and ali express saddles. It is likely that long-term problems such as ass pain, boils or back ailments will end up appearing.

Stem and handlebar

An improvement of power and / or handlebar will allow you not only lighten the bike but also add a little more stiffness to the whole set, The weight that you can get to remove with a good handlebar is not negligible and is that it is one of the parts on which less importance is given in the standard assemblies. A high-end bike cannot go with a heavy and flexible handlebar. A good cycling handlebar can last you many years, so do not feel bad about scratching your pocket a little more.


If some serial handlebars were laughable, the seatposts it is not for less. Many mid-range bikes come equipped with very mediocre seatposts. Spending money on a seatpost is securing the shot. The prices of carbon seatposts They are quite high but their durability is more than assured. There are countless brands that work with high quality materials. At this point I would also rule out possible Ali Express purchases. You wouldn't be the first cyclist I see sitting on the ground after his seatpost snapped.

Cranks and chainrings

Be very careful with this point. Although it seems a lie, connecting rods do much more than spin. Provide pedaling stiffness and believe me with a good crankset and chainrings you are going to save a few negligible grams.

Of course, a lot of eye with the length of the connecting rod and with the development of the chainring. Some cyclists do not pay attention to this and later realize that their precarious state of form prevents them from moving a 53 tooth chainring. As I usually say in these cases, look for material that is light but that suits your interests.


If a bicycle component shines with its own light in recent years, this is undoubtedly the ceramic bearing. Brands like Ceramicspeed They are a trend in the market and it seems increasingly evident that ceramic bearings play a very important role in minimizing the advance resistance. Some scientific studies already support this theory and although a ceramic chain, a ceramic bushing or a sad gear wheel can come out of your face, the improvement in performance is more than assured.


As far as the change is concerned, we are more concerned with comfort and performance than with lightness. Obviously the high-end gear weigh less, especially electronic, but the great value comes in the safety and comfort that a quality change transmits to you. Shimano, Sram and Campagonolo They are the three major manufacturers on the market and any of them offers high-end products with enormous features. The 10 speeds have become obsolete and everything seems to indicate that we are heading towards a universal single-plate system and with more pinions in the rear cassette.


It is true that the bicycle as such will not improve with the mounting of a potentiometer. The cycling power meters are trendy. There are different types and they are already a must-have accessory for all those looking to improve their physical condition following the guidelines of a cycling coach. If you want to start practicing power training, you must go through the box whether you like it or not. The improvement newcomers can achieve with a potentiometer is incredible.

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Electronic shifting and disc brakes are the new fad.


The covers they are for me the great forgotten in the world of cycling. The typical component that practically nobody gives importance to. We often miss that a good tire offers a better grip and greater resistance to possible punctures. Investing in safety can make a difference in whether or not you can save a fall. On previous occasions I have already talked about the best MTB tires and the best road tires.


Obviously this last section only makes sense in the world of MTB. A improvement in suspension It will give you safety on the descents and a little more comfort in technically difficult areas. At this point in the market everything seems to indicate that bicycles with a double suspension system clearly prevail over rigid ones. To go deeper into this universe you can consult the publication "Front suspension forks for MTB"

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