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The best joint supplements

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Every runner is aware that running is an impact sport that can cause damage to the joints. Even so, it is not necessary to resort to a drastic solution and stop practicing this activity, it is not even necessary that you reduce the number of weekly workouts. Actually, it is enough to take certain precautions that will avoid unnecessary scares.

In this article we present you what are the best supplements to take care of the joints. Surely they will be of great help to continue running safely.

How does running affect the joints?

This activity causes a great impact especially on the load joints. The cartilage area is usually one of the most affected.

It is very important to focus on the terrain in which we are going to carry out the exercise. Obviously, if you opt for the trail and the mountain, you will have to pay special attention to certain factors, since the terrain is usually quite uneven and ankle sprains can occur.

In addition, steep slopes are also aggressive for our joints, especially when the slope goes down.

Despite the fact that the mountain is somewhat difficult terrain, asphalt is the most damaging surface, since it generates a greater impact on the body.

As we mentioned earlier, you do not need to stop practicing this activity or become obsessed with it. It would be advisable to be clear about the type of races you want to face and take the necessary measures to avoid certain injuries or problems in your joints.

The best joint supplements

One of the most effective methods that exists to take care of our joints effectively is supplementation. Thanks to the intake of certain food supplements we can ensure the well-being of this area of ​​our body.

Do you want to discover what are the best joint supplements? In that case, keep reading.


It is a supplement that has been successful in the sports world. The truth is that its success is not surprising, since it promotes joint health and optimally strengthens the bones. Its intake is recommended for people suffering from degenerative diseases. In addition, collagen also helps reduce inflammation and alleviate pain after intense exercise.

Hyaluronic acid

It is one of the nutrients that intervenes in the production of collagen. It lubricates the joints and acts as a shock absorbing element. It is usually used as a treatment for people with arthritis.


It is a very important mineral for athletes. Among its functions, it facilitates the assimilation of calcium and helps to improve the absorption of other nutrients.
It stimulates the creation of bone, and also participates in the activities of vitamin D.


It has a powerful anti-inflammatory, regenerative and analgesic action. It is also useful as a treatment for rheumatic diseases.

Omega 3

It is a fatty acid that helps to alleviate the inflammation that occurs around the joints. We can find a large number of foods rich in Omega 3, such as blue fish, walnuts, flax seeds ...; However, its consumption through supplements guarantees us to provide our body with the exact amount it requires.

Shark cartilage

Its effects are highly beneficial for joint health. It helps reduce the symptoms of cartilage wear, and has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.
It also intervenes in the assimilation of collagen and has become a very effective treatment to accelerate the recovery of certain injuries related to the joints, tendons and ligaments.


Our body has the ability to produce glucosamine naturally. Even so, over the years this capacity decreases and we are forced to resort to other sources such as supplementation. Its main mission is to protect the bone in the joints, and stimulate the regeneration of cartilage.

Conclusion, should I take supplements to take care of my joints? Despite the fact that the consumption of supplements is not mandatory, there are a large number of products with which through its intake you will help your joints to recover properly after intense exercise.

In addition, as we have seen previously, many of these supplements prevent inflammation, decrease pain, and are very effective in treating certain injuries. If you are a runner, whether it is mountain or asphalt, do not forget to pay attention to the care of your joints. Remember that food supplements play a fundamental role. By complying with all these guidelines, you will avoid a large number of injuries and benefit from a safe and effective exercise practice.

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