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The best 'Robinson Report' related to athletics

Image of the Robinson Report dedicated to Maitane Melero

We have left one of the figures that we have most associated these last 20-30 years with the world of sports. A singular type, who liked almost everyone and gave name to one of the most well-known and respected sports-related reporting programs not only in Spain, but also abroad. Hprecious stories, many of them unknown and that came to light thanks to the research and work of a group of privileged minds, a TEAM In uppercase. The visible head was Michael, but behind it are countless people taking care of everything in detail.

We are talking about the Robinson Report and the one that is gone is the foundation, its main leg, Michael, who died this April 28 in Madrid at 61 years of age after a long fight against cancer that has been complicated in recent days. A disease that was detected in October 2018 and that did not prevent him from exercising his passion until practically the end of his days.

Reports to save in the video library

From these lines we want to remember the best Robin Robinson Report ’dedicated to athletics. Incredible stories that we follow with devotion and that have made us vibrate and that deserve to be rescued in case there is someone who has not yet had the opportunity to see them.

  • Alemayehu Bezabeh: Documentary about the principles of this athlete who promised to become one of the best long distance runners in the world. He started sleeping on the street and still holds Spain's record of 5,000.
  • Kenya, Factory of Champions: A trip to Eldoret to discover the birthplace of the best long distance runners in the world. The secrets of this land of height and humility are discovered.
  • Haile Gebreselassie, the Emperor: The story of one of the best long distance runners in history before he achieved the World Record for the marathon in Berlin in 2008.
  • ‘When the favorite fails’: Dayron Robles: He tells how one of the best Cuban athletes ever, long-time holder of the 110-meter hurdles World Record, is also human and fails.
  • ‘New York, marathon stories’: The story of six anonymous people running one of the ‘majors’ for different reasons. Personal challenges available to anyone but overwhelming.
  • ,5 8.56, Yago Lamela ’: A beautiful document that recalls the figure of the ill-fated Yago Lamela, one of the best Spanish athletes ever and who came to be on the world roof of the long jump.
  • Maitane's Plan: The story of the long-distance runner Maitane Melero and how she managed to become champion of Spain after being a mother and at the age of 35. His routine, the sacrifices of his day to day ... A gem.
  • Salma Paralluelo: ‘Champion's Dilemma’: With a Spanish father and Guinean mother, Salma Paralluelo is the best sprinter in her category, the best in hurdle jumping and one of the best in triple jump. But, in addition, Salma is the Sub'17 World Champion with the Spanish team. A movie story.
  • The Frontiers of Sport: Taking advantage of the Rio Olympics in this report we analyze the limits of the human body and how far athletes' lung capacity can go, as well as that dark well of doping.

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