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The best running shoes of 2019

We arrive at that moment when, seen and / or tested practically everything that is available for running, and attending to the response that comes to us from brokers and brokers, we can highlight those Best shoes of the year. Those models that have had better consideration among the world of the running race, based on the different running categories, such as the daily training shoes (distinguishing between shoes for neutral tread and the other large training group: shoes for overpronator tread ); those that make up the mixed category; or competition shoes (or flying).

Coming from a year where we explained that the main novelties were concentrated in the uppers, this 2019 the battle has intensified in its classic area: the midsole. Again, Nike is the one who takes the cat to the water at the media level, but it will not be because the rest of the brands have not put the batteries, some of them showing the fangs, such as New Balance, Adidas or ASICS and others of which He is expectant as is the case with Mizuno. But Brooks; Saucony; Skechers, and to a lesser extent, Joma, On, or Kalenji, for example are still there fighting for their hole.

We will see the best debutantes of the year and then the best in the other categories of Running.

Best debutants


New Balance FuelCell Rebel is an amazing idea of ​​the American brand, because of the stylized design of this shoe. It is designed for runners and brokers who want to go a little further in terms of speed at which they usually go and also, of course, in those quality training sessions in which to print more account speed (for example in the series), it is necessary for improvement.

With some characteristic forms, use FuelCell in the forefoot combined with RevLite for the rest of the midsole allowing it to be used at any type of distance. On top it uses a very fine Jacquard mesh that provides a lightweight and breathable fit. Trace Fiber is responsible for reinforcing both sides of the mesh so that the adjustment is more blunt here. Inspired by Team New Balance athletes, the official price of FuelCell Rebel is € 140 (see Offers).


ASICS Metaride is a Daily training shoe for neutral or seedling tread. It has a correct weight (306gr in men and 265gr in women) and is very efficient, which translates into energy savings, very useful if the training sessions are long or are used in long distance races. It is not to go to stratospheric rhythms. Those looking for something like that, I recommend that you go through the article of the best mixed shoes, or already the one of flying or competition.

It is not a shoe to stand without running. To those who like fashion or aesthetics and do not want them to run but only to dress (which there are also), I do not recommend them. And at the time of running, the rhythms should be the most similar to the usual filming of each one. Even so, I would not recommend it for anyone who wants to go below 4'15 ”-4’30” a thousand. Instead, from there up they are a great option. Runners and runners of medium and high weight are the most suitable to wear them.

ASICS conceives this Metaride, like Metarun, as a House of Technology. That is why they seem, as they like to compare, to those Concept Cars that are seen in the most important car shows and whose main function is to serve as an idea for other more “earthly” models. But there is a huge difference with respect to a “Concept Car”: both Metarun and Metaride are for sale. They are not cheap, but at least who cares to take them, certainly will be able to do it ... upon payment, yes, of € 250 as PVP each.


adidas pulseboost hd review

Pulseboost HD has arrived this 2019 as one of the latest news from adidas and if it enters this classification to a large extent it is due to the use of the new Boost HD compound of the midsole, with properties that improve, even more, what exists so far. It has a profile designed to run mainly in urban environments, with hard surfaces such as asphalt or sidewalks. That's where the midsole built with high density Boost material will work to offer both damping and energy return and in a stable manner. The height of the midsole is 18mm at the heel and 10mm below the metatarsals, which gives an 8mm drop.

Below, on the sole, we find Continental ™ brand rubber for good grip and durability. It uses Adaptive Traxion technology precisely focused on hard surface environments, as is usual in cities. Above, the upper uses Adapt Knit, a knitted mesh, with perforations to perspire better and provide fit to the foot in all phases of the tread. As details, it should be noted that the coordinates of three important cities such as Paris, London and NY are inserted in the tab, but above all, a QR code to focus directly with the mobile and receive information about the adidas runner community and recommended routes , among others. The weight is 340gr, while the official price of adidas Pulseboost is € 139.95 (see the best offers).


New Balance surprises with this FuelCell Propel by being able to bring the technology designed for high rebound use, to daily training. With this model it achieves a very good combination of reactive and durable cushioning with a high sense of comfort.

The brokers and brokers that this FuelCell Propel is aimed at are those who are looking for Daily training shoes, light, cushioned and reactive and that will be used regardless of the type of distance to travel. In addition, given their configuration they do not deserve to take them to any competition, although New Balance already has other models of mixed shoes, such as New Balance 890, or directly from competition such as New Balance 1400 and 1500 or the brown beast of just 170gr that It's New Balance Hanzo.

The rhythms to which to use them do not have to be the fastest on the track (for that there are other models) and it makes sense to use them in a way optimal from around 4:30 ”a thousand, and from then on as they are designed to roll as a priority. The convenience of use is another factor to take into account.

The weight is 262gr in men and 200gr in women while the drop is 6mm. The official price of New Balance Fuelcell Propel is € 120.


Mizuno Wave Duel is a shoe designed to go very very fast and that the Japanese brand recommends to run marathons ... whoever is able to dress them, of course. A very small weight of 200gr in the case of men and 165gr in that of women, it is already clear that this sharp arrow requires that the musculature of the archers and archers who want to wear it be consistent.

Of course, this is partly because of the low profile of the midsole that, rising only 23mm by the heel and 14mm by the forefoot, leaves a drop (height difference) of 9mm. The main material we find is this part of Wave Duel is U4ic, a lightweight foam that provides comfortable and reactive cushioning. The sole is divided into two types of rubber: X10 for the heel, as the area of ​​maximum wear; and especially G3 Sole, a compound with a great capacity of adhesion and that is the way to shape those tiny but sharp tacos occupy the entire middle area, to the toe and through the metatarsals. Above, Mizuno uses an AIRmesh fabric as a guarantee of ventilation and light support. See price

Neutral training shoes


New balance Fresh Foam 1080 v9 has the advantage of the prestige gained and that the reputation of being one of the best options in the market in daily training shoes has been forged. No doubt those who seek cushioning and comfort for all types of runs, and especially the longer ones, will take advantage of it.

A guarantee in its previous eight deliveries, incorporates improvements, starting with an additional 2mm thick in the midsole but that, with the new Fresh Foam, that greater cushioning will be lighter. Speaking in numbers, the heel height is 24mm and that of the 16mm goals: all for an 8mm drop. Above a loot type structure is made with a double engineering mesh and Jacquard Mesh.

On the heel, the new Ultraheel made in 3D is responsible for a good fit and comfort. In the sole, the Blown Rubber material, with mapping of areas according to pressure, provides great adhesion with extra softness on impact. Its weight drops to 294gr in men and 254gr in women. The official price of this 1080 v9, also “Top” in cushioning shoes in Fresh Foam, is € 170 (see offers).


Brooks Ghost 12 is an ideal daily training shoe for runners and runners looking for a soft cushioning model that does not dispense with good reactivity. Flexible and durable, it is also a reliable model thanks to more than a decade of evolution among the best in its segment. If you want, you can also use it in medium and long distance races, as long as you don't have mixed shoes or competition shoes. In any case the rhythms should not be very demanding and would be around 4’15 ”a thousand and from there, since to go faster there are other solutions, even within Brooks itself, such as Levitate or Ricochet, for example.

Ideal if who uses them is a runner or broker of medium weight, or medium-high, since for high or very high weight it might be better option to use Brooks Glycerin, without leaving the American brand. Precisely speaking of weight ..., remember that it drops from 300gr to 295gr in men and 264gr in women. The drop of the midsole is 12mm. The official price of Brooks Ghost 12 is € 140. Of course, in the finish in Gore-Tex®, however, the official price is € 150.


Saucony Ride ISO 2 is a very versatile shoe, designed for runners and runners medium weight and neutral or seedling tread, to which the American brand has added an extra damping point Thanks to Everun.

The sole is distributed in such a way that the most resistant and hard rubber, XT-900, is used in the most abrasive parts, while in the more traction and grip parts it will be a softer rubber, Crystal Rubber. Above the ISO system stands out for clamping in all phases of the tread.

Being a daily training shoe, if we want it for filming it will be ideal, but it also works for longer series with rhythms around 4’15 ”-4’45” per km and obviously for half marathon or marathon races. For rhythms much faster than those, Saucony already offers his Kinvara 10.

With a weight of 278gr in the male model and 249 gr in the female Saucony Ride ISO 2 will allow you to have that lightness to be able to compete in half marathons at a pace up to 4.15 ”/ km and even use them in the marathon below the 3h30 '.


Ultraboost 19 is a daily training shoe, versatile but much more rolling than previous versions. The fact that it now has more Boost and that the base of the shoe is wider, makes the range of runners and runners who can use it increase. So runners of all kinds, even of some weight (not exaggerated) will be able to use it without problems. At slow and somewhat cheerful rhythms it is perfect to go comfortable, cushioned and protected. If you accelerate, it also responds, but, like many daily training shoes, it is not intended for the fastest rhythms. This is a matter of using mixed shoes, or even competition shoes.

The arrival of Ultraboost 19 has not retired its predecessor, as evidenced by the adidas Ultraboost Game of Thrones collection - They are not the only ones, the Ultraboost saga is extensive, as evidenced by models such as the classic Ultraboost itself, Ultraboost Parley, Ultraboost All Terrain , Ultraboost Laceless Or Ultraboost Uncaged. Ultraboost 19 weighs 310gr of weight in the finish of man and 268gr in that of woman, while the drop is 10mm. The official price is € 179.95. (See discounts).


Mizuno Wave Rider 23 is a daily training shoe for neutral or seedling tread and focused on runners and runners looking for both good cushioning and great shoe performance. They are going to take advantage of those who go beyond in terms of technology and squeeze a fast daily training shoe.

The midsole incorporates several leading technological solutions, such as U4ic and U4icX materials, and the Wave piece, built in Pébax. Together They provide one of the best cushions in the market. Below, the sole uses the two best Mizuno compounds: X10 and Blown Rubber, for a winning combination of traction, grip and durability. And above, the renewed upper (a double mesh of AIRmesh type, with Intercool technology to keep the foot as fresh as possible) improves in lightness to its predecessor with a fine appearance like never before had “the Rider”.

They will be able to use it to the full advantage of medium-weight runners and brokers mainly (or medium-low or medium-high weight, but without going to extremes)

The drop of the shoe is 12mm based on midsole heights of 19/31, while the weight is 290gr in the finish of man and 240gr in that of woman. See better discounts.

Daily training shoes for pronators


ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 is the renewed delivery of one of the most important running shoes of the Japanese brand. It corresponds to a daily training shoe with stability control, capable of working in favor of all types of runners and runners, especially against more weight, as they can with everything. In any case, for extreme cases, they can always consider using another ASICS model such as GT-4000, specifically aimed at those with a high weight and excess pronation.

As it is a very comfortable shoe, it will not only serve to train, but also for those who want to use them in long races where the rhythms do not have to be the fastest, much less.

The weight is reduced compared to the previous delivery in men reaching 325gr in them and 278gr in them. The drop is different depending on the sex. So for men it is 10mm and for women 13mm.

And if in the previous installment we highlighted that the midsole premiered Flytefoam ™ Lyte and Flytefoam ™ Propel, in this installment the grace is that, keeping those same materials, a tadset is adjusted to improve the flexibility in the race. The official price of ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 is € 180 (See offers) -


Mizuno Wave Inspire 15, with pronation control, is one of the most prominent shoes within the Japanese brand. It is indicated for runners and runners with a mild or moderate overpronation, who want them to train or compete and who its weight does not exceed 75-80kg in men and 60-65kg in women (for heavier ones there are other interesting options, even within Mizuno).

Inspire 15 incorporates a midsole with the new Wave technology using Pebax inserted between two compounds: U4ic and U4icX. Both cushion smoothly and lastingly, but the second one has more reactive properties than the first. The drop is 12mm thanks to a height difference between the heel (31mm) and the forefoot (19mm). The sole is constructed with X10 rubber, the most durable of Mizuno, combined with Blown Rubber, a blown rubber that improves adhesion. In the upper, an AIRmesh mesh will ventilate and hold the foot lightly, while in the ankle area, Intercool will work to keep this area as dry as possible.

This is one shoe with some versatility, both for varied training, and to take it to some competition if control and comfort is required. The control is what makes it valid for those who have problems with an excess of pronation in their footprint.

The weight of Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 is only 290gr in men and 245gr in women. Check the offers.


New Balance 860v9 is a shoe with support (thanks to the Dual Density material and its strategic location) that will control the over pronation for the realization of all types of training, given its versatility. Well cushioned and with a 10mm drop, its weight is 327gr in men and 272gr in women. It is not the lightest in the class, but is ready to make war.

The renewed upper uses a double Jacquard mesh, so the aesthetic renewal is also followed by aesthetics. The midsole uses TruFuse technology to provide progressive cushioning with moderate pronation control. Some of the changes to highlight with respect to the previous version are found in the sole, where NB has put more rubber under the first metatarsal and shaped the longitudinal groove that guides the tread. In the forefoot, Blown Rubber material is used that favors the race on hard surfaces such as asphalt, while in the heel NDurance is inserted, one of the most resistant rubbers of the American brand. The official price of New Balance 860 v9 is € 140 (see men's offers) - (see Women's offers).


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is one of the best weapons that the American brand focuses on providing stable cushioning for overpronators. Share space with two other large training models with stability control within the brand itself, such as Brooks Transcend and Brooks Vapor. Adrenaline GTS 19 is a daily training shoe that uses a comprehensive support system with Guide Rails, guides that allow you to advance the tread by controlling excess pronation.

As news, it incorporates precisely New Guide Rails Hollistic Support System and DNA LOFT Crash Pad. The first technical resource consists of a biomechanical solution for the midsole that aims to stabilize the outside and to limit the excess movement. The second is more focused on providing a better entrance by reducing the effects of that first impact on the ground when running and, incidentally, making it more comfortable. For the rest of the midsole, the material is BioMoGo DNA.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is included in the “Cushion” silo of Seattle and has an adequate weight of 312gr in men and 272gr in women. The drop is 12mm. A shoe for training based on shootings or competitions if these are mostly longer than short. They can use profiles of all kinds, but without a doubt those who have a medium or high weight will be able to squeeze it to the fullest. Best offers for men and women.


Mizuno Wave Paradox 5 is a cushioned shoe with maximum control of pronation. The midsole is expressly constructed to provide a lot of cushioning, but also to stabilize any footprint with excess problems when pronar.

The way Mizuno achieves it is largely thanks to the Wave piece, manufactured in Pébax. This structure allows to distribute the pressure that occurs when hitting the ground, but reinforcing the inner face of the ankle. Wrapping all of this, two materials: AP + and U4icX are going to be partners in that stable and comfortable cushioning. The sole is constructed with X10, a solid rubber that is the most wear resistant of Mizuno. Above, the upper uses AIRmesh as a lightweight breathability mesh while reinforcements under the “Firebird” logo will help not only hold the foot, but also keep it stable, working as a team with the midsole.

Congratulations are those who have problems with a large excess of pronation in their footprint, since Wave Paradox 5 will be responsible for stabilizing that footprint. So, who likes to perform training based on shooting has a great ally in this shoe.

The weight in the male finish is 315gr, while that of the female is 265gr. The drop, based on a 33mm heel and a 21mm forefoot, is 12mm. See discounts.

Mixed shoes


Already in the third installment, Mizuno Wave Shadow is consolidated as a great mixed shoe option, by the Japanese brand. Not only will you collaborate on provide pace and speed, but it will also do it comfortably and lightly.

It weighs only 255gr in the finish of man and 210gr in the finish of woman and is characterized by using a midsole based on the U4iC compound for reactive damping. The thickness of the midsole is defined by its 25mm heel height, by the 17mm of the forefoot. Neither too much nor too little for a shoe of his style that, as a good mixed, stays at 8mm drop. To finish off that area, a Wave piece made of Pébax is responsible for improving not only the damping, but also the stability and transition of the tread. Below, the sole is divided into two large blocks, the rear and the front, and joined precisely by the Wave piece (making Smooth Ride good, which is the technology that works to achieve a fluid footprint).

In the sole we find a longitudinal line to guide the tread and transverse stripes between the incisive studs to improve flexibility. The material used here is X-10 the strongest in Mizuno. Above, an AIRmesh mesh with very soft lines and heat-sealed reinforcements on the toe, will perspire lightly. To assist in the support of the foot, on both sides, under the mesh, there are a pair of reinforcement straps that will work at the time of closing the loop. Official price € 136 (See Offers).


New balance 890 v7 is a mixed shoe, the most “aggressive” of the entire 800 series of New Balance, which will be ideal for both rapid training and competition. Respecting the essential characteristics of the previous delivery, the American brand has renewed almost the entire shoe to further strengthen its light and fast profile, but with a now more modern look.

In the midsole NB has combined two materials: RevLite and Ground Contact EVA, making the weight reduced, but allowing the tread to be more dynamic. The drop is just 6mm in a midsole that is also part of the sole, where this Ground Contact EVA has the most contact with the ground. In spite of being resistant it is not so much as rubber and New Balance, skillfully, it has reinforced with a small strips of solid rubber both the forefoot, as the heel and the toe, to improve the durability. The mesh is Hypoknit type, which offers a breathable and dynamic fit (this is during all phases of the tread). It is topped in a neck that closes around the ankle, but is elastic to favor wearing shoes and barefoot. Strategic areas, such as fingers and sides, have the most openings in the mesh for better ventilation.

The weight is incredibly low: only 204gr in the men's finish and 158gr in the women's finish. The official price of New Balance 890v7 is € 120 (see offers).


The adidas mixed shoe par excellence, Adizero Boston 8, in his latest installment is shown with a midsole made in Boost. This material provides this agile shoe with cushioning and rebound with energy return, which is much appreciated for a mixed shoe that can be taken to any competition, especially medium and long distance if you have a low or medium weight. The height of the midsole is 29mm in the heel and 19mm in the forefoot, for a drop of 10mm. Inside is a Torsion System unit to facilitate rotation of the ankle during the tread.

The sole is manufactured by Continental ™ and is a Stretchweb type, very flexible and adaptable to the ground, providing extra softness. Above we find that the upper is built with Microfit, a type of very light and breathable mesh that closes on the foot with a very good fit. The weight is quite low: 244gr in the men's finish and 202gr in the women's finish. The price of adidas Adizero Boston is € 139.95 (SEE OFFERS).


Brooks Launch 6 is the bet of the American brand for those who need a mixed shoe to use in all types of fractional workouts or in which some speed work is claimed. Also, of course, in races, as a better alternative to the daily training shoes that are commonly used. And, with its contents 255gr in men and 226gr in women, this Launch 6 has an adequate weight.

Being mixed with a great cushioning, they will be able to use a wider range of runners and runners who want to improve by means of weight reduction, the use of reactive materials and with soles capable of pulling well at high rates. It is also valid for competitions of all kinds, but it must be said that they are a great option in distances such as the half marathon and marathon, precisely because of the configuration of the midsole. Precisely in this part of the shoe BioMogo DNA, a material is used able to provide more reactivity the more it is demanded and behave more cushioned when the pace is quieter. The drop used is 10mm.

On the sole, a horseshoe heel is seen that crosses the midfoot in an X to obtain a better transition from the swing to the forefoot. Under the metatarsals, an arrow design and transverse grooves will work on traction and flexibility respectively. Above, the mesh is free of rigid or heat-sealed reinforcements following a whole weft in wire giving more priority to breathability or support depending on the area. The official price of Brooks Launch 6 is € 120 (see discounts).


Saucony demonstrates, with the fourth installment of Breakthru, that he relies on this model as a mixed shoe in his repertoire. It is a shoe unknown to many, but with great benefits. And it has many elements that make it interesting, such as its aspect of daily training shoe, but that under that appearance something Spartan hides an incredible 244gr of weight in the male finish and 210gr in the female.

The midsole uses the star of the last seasons in Saucony: Everun. This is a type of TPU-derived compound that achieves a soft cushioning thanks to this soft and elastic material. It is soft, but much more reactive than a traditional EVA and to which the American brand attributes an 83% energy return on the tread. The heights are 25mm in the heel area and 17mm under the metatarsals, for a final drop of 8mm.

In the sole Saucony continues to rely on two different materials: iBR + and XT-900. The first is "Injection Blown Rubber +" which is nothing more than a light solid rubber with great adhesion. XT-900 instead, is responsible for dirty work because, given its hardness, its mission is to improve durability. Above, a very ventilated mesh arrives with heat-sealed reinforcements in the most critical areas to avoid breakage. Price € 124

Flying shoes (competition)


The most mentioned sneaker in media of all kinds, appears among the best flying shoes of 2019 for several reasons, but the main one is the success that those who use them are having, beyond if the technology has gone out of line and If this affects sports ethics. In any case, it is still there (that is, its use in official competition has not been prohibited or limited) and it is fair that this merit be recognized.

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% is a twist to a concept initiated by Nike in Monza in 2017 and that is specified in this model that uses the ZoomX compound, a foam much more reactive to anything manufactured by Nike previously and that, according to Nike, It is capable of offering a return of energy (that is, when hitting the ground) of 85%. It is the natural heiress of Vaporfly 4% and, in turn, predecessor of the prototype used by Eliud Kipchoge at the end of 2 hours in marathon: AlphaFly.

Vaporfly NEXT% not only uses ZoomX foam in the midsole, it also incorporates into the controversial carbon fiber plate that is well to blame for the performance of this shoe that does not reach 200gr in weight. Above, the upper stands out for using a VaporWave type mesh and where the laces perform an extra job to work on the support already from the same body and thus save weight by eliminating other lateral reinforcements. And yes, although the competition models tend to be tight, it has the somewhat wider forefoot to leave the goals area somewhat more relaxed. The official price is € 275.


Adidas Adizero Adios 4 is the continuation expected by many. Several years has been his predecessor in the lampstand. As much as to make think that the goodbye of an iconic model was able to have broken records of the world of marathon in the feet of the best athletes. But no. adidas adizero goodbye is still in shape, so much so that in its fourth installment it maintains key elements in its success such as the midsole built with Boost ™ the compound that broke the deck of the energy return to running and the sole.

"What works ...? Let's keep it up! ”… It seems the adidas Germans said. Repeat the same midsole with 80% Boost® and 20% EVA matching the upper part more in contact with the foot. The height is 27/17 so the drop is 10mm. La suela es la misma que en adios 3, por tanto, es un caucho producido por Continental®, el gigante alemán fabricante de neumáticos, al servicio de los modelos top de su compatriota adidas. A través de la suela vemos Torsion System, el encargado de estabilizar la rotación del tobillo durante la pisada.

El cambio más importante lo encontramos en el upper. Y aunque de primeras pueda parecer muy similar, adidas ya avisa que se ajusta tanto que es mejor coger medio número más que el habitual de cada uno/a. Es muy notoria la reducción de material en piel y por tanto la superficie de malla aumenta, mejorando la transpirabilidad. Las tres barras tienen una función menos contundente que en la entrega anterior, no bajando hasta la base de la zapatilla.

El peso se mantiene en los 226gr del acabado de hombre y los 186 del de mujer. El precio de Adidas Adizero Adios 4 es de 140€ (ver mejores ofertas).


New Balance 1400 v6 es una voladora pensada para pisada neutra o plantillera. Viene con una mediasuela construida con REVLite, un compuesto que, aparte de amortiguado y ligero, proporciona una muy buena reactividad. La suela está fabricada con un caucho soplado que le dota de suavidad, pero un muy buen agarre. La malla superior, ventilada y ligera está reforzada con material FantomFIT, para sujetar bien el pie.

Este modelo es adecuado para quienes quieran hacer series muy explosivas, de no muy larga distancia. Ya en competición se ajustan a un poco todas las distancias, aunque para más largas que una media maratón, quien las vista quizás tenga que estar bien curtido a base de entrenamientos. El peso es de 204gr en el caso de ellos y de 170gr en el de ellas. El precio oficial de New Balance 1400 v6 es de 120€ (ver ofertas).


Mizuno Wave Emperor 3 es otra zapatilla de competición de esta marca japonesa que tanto cuida este segmento. En la mediasuela utiliza material U4iC principalmente (lo de principalmente es porque también hay un poco de AP+). También encontramos la pieza Wave característica en la zona del talón, como sistema de amortiguación. Por abajo vemos que Emperor 3 utiliza una retahíla de espectaculares y agresivos tacos en toda la mitad delantera de la zapa. En parte de la suela se utiliza el durable compuesto X10, pero en la zona media, se utiliza G3, para mejorar la tracción. Y como buen modelo Mizuno, el upper no queda desprotegido ya que sorprendentemente posee refuerzos poco habituales en voladoras.

En el caso de esta malla AIRmesh, los refuerzos no penalizan el peso final, quedando éste en el acabado de hombre en 200gr, mientras que en el de mujer en 155gr. El drop de la mediasuela, en ambos sexos es de 9mm (22/13). Ver Ofertas.


Saucony Kinvara 10 fue uno de los modelos pioneros en esto del natural Running de última hornada. Con 221gr de peso en hombre y 190gr en mujer, es una zapatilla polivalente que sirve tanto para entrenamientos rápidos (series, fartleks, tests…) como para competición.

El material de la mediasuela es EVERUN, el ultimo compuesto fabricado por la marca americana y que aporta una amortiguación bastante suave, pero enérgica. La lazada es Pro-Lock, que ajusta el pie a la malla Flexfilm pero sin limitar movimiento. A nivel de confort, incorporan unas piezas acolchadas en lo que vendrían a ser los maléolos, para que el encaje alrededor del tobillo al calzartelas sea perfecto.

“La Kinvara” está enfocada más bien para un público de pisada neutra o plantillera y hasta pesos medios, con una buena técnica de carrera. Teniendo en cuenta el bajo drop (4mm), quienes talonen las pueden usar para entrenamiento de calidad, donde habitualmente se suele recoger mejor el pie y hacer una ligera mejoría en el apoyo.

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