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The best wheels for road cycling in value for money

You have doubts and you don't know what road bike wheels to buy? You are in the right place. In this article we select the best wheels for road cycling of the market at the level of quality-price. Reference models and leading brands that, for one reason or another, have been setting trends in the market for some time. Mavic Ksyrium, Mavic Aksium, Mavic Cosmic, Fulcrum Racing, Campagnolo Bora, Campagnolo Shamal ... Does that sound like you?

Good wheels are vital for any cyclist and become one of the most important elements in any bicycle.

The road wheels they will allow us roll better, have more safety and rigidity, lose some weightbut, above all, make better use of every gram of strength that we invest in pedaling, thanks to a better inertia of the bushings.

Wheels for road cycling (low range)

Road wheels with a tight, robust and durable budget. There are great options that we show below.

Mavic Aksium

The Mavic Aksium they were for years the best selling road wheels. A reference model for riding on series bicycles that offer excellent value for money. For less than 200 euros you can enjoy some wheels that without being anything from the other world offer durability and quite reliability.

Mavic, which has lowered and much sales in the last two years, offers different models of Aksium wheels. A great purchase choice for any cyclist who wants to enjoy daily cycling without worries.

The wheels are quite heavy, 1800 grams without tires, but it is difficult to think that much more can be demanded for this tight price. In Amazon you still have some model of the Mavic Aksium range available at a good price.

road wheels mavic aksium

Mavic Kysrium

Mavic offers us in his Ksyrium model an option very similar to the previous one. Same as Mavic Aksium, The Ksyrium are a great choice as training wheels.

They have excellent rigidity and robustness that will allow us to roll without worrying about breaking them in each pothole. Undoubtedly one of the great proposals offered by the market for this product range. Their value for money place them year after year to be one of the best selling wheels in the world. Mavic markets different models of the Mavic Ksyrium. From classic models with cover, to carbon models for bicycles with disc brakes. On Amazon you can still find some model of Mavic Ksyruim on offer.

mavic ksyrium road racing wheels

Shimano RS100

Another excellent bet with the same weight and somewhat cheaper are the Shimano RS100. Compatible for both 9 and 10 or 11 speeds. They are very durable wheels and with the quality support that the Japanese multinational Shimano always offers, they guarantee training wheels for thousands of kilometers. You can find the Shimano RS100 Road wheels discounted on Amazon. The wheels offer high durability through adjustable bearings and a very simple maintenance system. Obviously the Japanese giant also offers models of the same product range for bicycles with disc brakes.

An interesting alternative from the same manufacturer Shimano could be the Shimano RS105

shimano rs 100 road wheels

Campagnolo Khamsin

Other leading brands in the market have similar products. Campagnolo has for the moderate price range its Khamsinm model, manufactured for both Shimano and Campagnolo cores, with a price of 179 euros and its weight is around 1700 grams.

In addition, the model has been strategically made so that the rear wheel has twice as many spokes. This provides lateral stiffness and better energy transfer while reducing tension and wheel vibrations. Excellent wheels from a manufacturer that has been leading the high-end market for years with the Campagnolo Bora model.

Campagnolo Khmasin wheels

Fulcrum Racing 7 and Racing 6

Finally, other wheels may not be as well known but they are stomping are the Fulcrum Racing 7 and Fulcrum Racin 6. Below 300 euros and available for both Shimano and Campagnolo core. A few wheels at the limit of the first price but ideal for training under any circumstances with a weight of 1700 grams.

Fulcrum is gaining a lot of market share in recent years, so the Fulcrum Racing 6 and Racing 7 would not rule it out as a viable purchase alternative. Models with a huge resemblance that are obviously marketed in all formats of pickup and disk.

fulcrum racing 6 and racing 7 wheels road

Wheels for road cycling (mid range)

Wheels for road bikes designed for a mid-range. Tight budget and great value for money. The most competitive and surely the most interesting product range. If the budget is somewhat higher and what you are looking for are already rigid wheels but at the same time somewhat light there are different possibilities.

Shimano Ultegra

Shimano, again, presents a model that in quality-price occupies a privileged place in the market. The Shimano Ultegra. They are wheels that despite not standing out in lightness (1600 grams per pair) offer excellent quality and durability. Rigid wheels, with a large core and at a very good price, are undoubtedly one of the best options in mid-range cycling wheels. On the official page of Shimano you can take a look at the technical sheet and the different models with which the wheels are sold.

In Amazon you have Shimano Ultegra wheels for conventional brake (pad) at a very competitive price.

Campagnolo Zonda

We all know what Campagnolo is capable of when it comes to making road wheels. These Campagnolo Zonda They are for many the best option in terms of value for money in the entire market.

Campagonolo Zonda are the typical aluminum wheels that will last a lifetime. Rigid but not able, transmit the power of the cyclist in each pedal without any problem.

Medium profile and aluminum track to leave at a price more than acceptable wheels of just over 1500 grams. 100% recommended option if you are looking for wheels that have no breakdowns. Through this link you can already find available some Campagnolo Zonda models at a good price.

campagnolo zonda

Fulcrum Racing 4

Fulcrum is again stomping and its Racing 4 model is really presented as the best option for tighter budgets. The Fulcrum Racing Quattro they do not exceed 330 euros and are increasingly seen among the cyclopets. An option to take into account.

For a slightly higher price the same manufacturer offers in its catalog the Fuclrum Racing 3.

Two wheels designed both for those who want to do training without sacrificing quality cycling and for those who are passionate about long distances and want to bet on the versatility and comfort offered by the basic structure of aluminum with steel radius.

Fulcrum Racing 4 wheels

Mavic Kysrium

Mavic proposes a model equivalent to the previous models with the Mavic Ksyrium Elite. Road wheels with a weight of 1600 grams, well reinforced and with very economical maintenance bearings. Together with the Shimano Ultegra, the best wheels for this product line. Other alternatives offered by the well-known French manufacturer for this product line may be the Ksyrium Elite and the Ksyrium Elite UST models

Mavic Ksyrium elite

Mavic Cosmic Elite

If you are looking for some wheels with some profile so that the design of your bike is even more spectacular you have the Mavic Cosmic Elite for 499 euros. Profile (30mm), available for both 10 and 11 speeds that aesthetically fit any bike. They are wheels made with some aerodynamics at an affordable price.

If you want to know more about High, low or medium profile wheels. And which model is better in road cycling, do not hesitate to read the post “Profile wheels”

Wheels for road cycling (high range)

Here we find high quality wheels in composition and design. Extremely light wheels with good aesthetics.

Campagnolo Bora

In that sense the Campagnolo Bora are the desire of any cyclist. Your model Campagnolo Bora One They have been consolidated as a benchmark in the market for many years. A few wheels of profile 50, aggressive, rigid and light (1200 grams) that delight any cyclist. For tubular and for 9, 10 and 11 speeds (€ 1700) on Amazon you have some interesting offers from Campagnolo Bora.

I assure you that I have no commercial interest with Campagnolo but my recommendation for high-end road wheels cannot be other than that of a few Campagnolo Bora. The competition is increasingly aggressive but for me they are the most reliable and elegant wheels on the market.

Even so, Campagnolo offers us a superior model, the Bora Ultra. Tremendously light wheels (1150 grams), with a spectacular aesthetic on its 50 profile and with a fully carbon rim. How could it be otherwise, Campagonolo Bora amounts to a safe, quality and reliable purchase.

Zipp 404

Another leading brand in high-end wheels and that is among the most desired by all cyclists are the ZIPP. Your 404 model It is the most spectacular in the market. Light bike wheels with a simply spectacular inertia make them a safe value as high end wheels. The fully carbon wheelset has a weight of 1500 grams, surely somewhat heavy, but at the same time guarantee extreme smoothness when rolling. The pair of Zipp 404 wheels, for sale above € 2000 -

For profile lovers and looking for more aggressive wheels or ideal for triathlon practice, Zipp 808. With a weight of 1800 grams they become a rocket when we face flat and windless routes.

404 zipp road wheels

Shimano Dura Ace

Finally, if you are looking for wheels without a profile, ideal for climbing ports and rugged orography, one of the best options are the Shimano Dura Ace. Without an aesthetic too spectacular but light, consistent and reliable, they have stood for years as one of the best selling wheels and best valued by users. The Dura Ace seal never disappoints.

Super soft Shimano Dura Ace wheel bearings resist the passage of the elements, providing years of performance at the highest level.

For those who prefer a more aggressive aesthetic, Shimano also offers Shimano Dura Ace with different profile formats. On its website you can find the entire catalog of wheels for road bikes.

shimano dura ace road wheels

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