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The breakup of Javi Guerra

It really surprised me that with how well Javi Guerra is doing, he has now decided to change his coach. But once again it has been shown what must be clear from the beginning: "Athletes have no owner"

I met Javi Guerra many years ago on the INEF court. I was stretching next to a fence. He had that angelic face. It was one of those promises from the Antonio Serrano group that Higuero, De la Ossa and Chema Martínez commanded at the time. War was then a real hope. Everyone was talking about his talent. But he was a young man who, like so many young people, had to find his place in the world. The day he did it, he became fully comprehensive insurance, an athlete who found paradise on the road. He became a full-blooded marathoner. Today, the literature enjoy to the hear its Name. Javi Guerra, at 36 years old, is a major example: an athlete of extraordinary reliability, a guy who at that age has made the mark of his life. If we compare ourselves to him, we have enormous chances of losing: we all want to be Javi Guerra. We would all like to run the marathon without a clock or control how he does the nerves at the starting line. Being so big already and living with that discretion: Javi Guerra.

In a world prone to failure, we meet a guy who never fails. An athlete with more prestige than popularity. A guy who doesn't nag on social media. That he appears at the right time and that, in those two marathons a year in which we lend him our illusions, it has the ability to make us happier. We have been getting used to it systematically since 2013 but sometime it will have to be written that this is very difficult. That Javi Guerra is like a heritage and that the day he leaves (that he will leave) we will be able to say that 'I lived Javi Guerra' as our ancestors who lived through the time of Frank Shorter, Cierpinski, Carlos Lopes tell us ..., in short, of people who were out of the ordinary.

There is not, however, a great medal that supports Javi Guerra in all these years. That is inexplicable because it is like a misprint in a Nobel Prize winner's book. But for us, Javi Guerra's medal is time, the desire to remain, the motivation that we never saw back down. That is why we feel commission free when writing your name. We do not renounce that one more turn of the screw can be given next summer at the Tokyo Olympics. Then he will be 37 years old. But before they tell us it's late we can explain that self-confidence is a very powerful argument. We can even remember that Carlos Lopes was an Olympic marathon champion at the age of 39 in Los Angeles 84.

Javi Guerra, actually, is the time we have shared with him. Perhaps because of all this I was surprised that having reached this age and in these conditions with the same coach (Antonio Serrano), suddenly, This summer I decided to change coach: six months ago he achieved a personal best in the marathon. I have not wanted to ask the reasons to either of them. I only admire the courage of Javi Guerra to have taken this step if he really believes that it is the best for him. It will not have been easy. You have to put a lot, a lot of value on it. I also feel sorry for Antonio whom I have known for a long time and I imagine that he will not have been amused. But from the first day I met him, it seems to me that he was one of the first to make it clear to me: "Alfredo, athletes do not belong to anyone, they have no owner". From there I understood that athletics is like life: nothing is forever and relationships for life are just a possibility that does not always have to be fulfilled. Society does nothing more than prove it to you even in our own community of neighbors.

Meanwhile, we will continue to what is important, we will continue to believe in Javi Guerra, setting him as an example, visiting the most difficult yet. And of course we welcome his new coach: Jesús Álvarez-Herms. What a beautiful mission this man's. What years await you. Of course, on our credit cards it will never be too cold to bet on Javi Guerra. It is the price of what we have lived through all these years. Thanks to him we accumulate countless moments that made us better and that they forced us to love him very, very much. So hopefully this change of coach is the best for him and it's like when we go on vacation absolutely convinced that, for whatever reason, we need a change of scenery.

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