News : The bright side of restrictions on running during confinement

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The bright side of restrictions on running during confinement

A magnificent view of Madrid at dawn / @yoentrenosolo

The ‘new normality’, or Phase 0, or the first symptoms of de-escalation or whatever everyone wants to call it, have ‘led us’ to a redesign of our outings, both for running and cycling. Accustomed to taking the car or the motorcycle in many cases and heading to our favorite areas and starting from there and the training, not to worry about if we cross fictitious barriers of change of municipal term or if we get together little or a lot with our colleagues of long distance or with other 'runners' who have decided to train on the same site, our reality has completely changed.

Rediscovering our municipalities

For those of us who live in municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants (who laughs now at the small towns and the deserted Spain?), going out and accumulating kilometers has become a liberation, but also a chimera. How can I make my outings not become a 'mousetrap' passing over and over again in the same place? Many, most of us, have opted to launch ourselves on roads that we have never traveled before and we have discovered parts of our municipalities that we did not even have controlled. OR corners that we did not tread since childhood. Normally we have very outlined our exits and we do not give free rein to an important part of running: forgetting the rhythms, clocks and heart rate monitors a bit and going down unknown paths.

Forgetting to match rhythms

In this way, on social networks we have been able to see since Saturday how more and more people are 'hallucinating' with spaces, roads, parks that they have not been through for centuries or, directly, had not approached because they did not they had been lacking. It is certainly one of the positive things about restrictions in this de-escalation process, the power ‘forget’ a little bit of matching rhythms and times and being able to discover corners and streets that we used to not travel. If this is so that when you get the final ‘freedom letter’ we give it a chance or we have gained new routes on our mind map, it will have already been a triumph.

The pleasure of getting up early

I didn't want to overlook a feeling that at least I'm loving. The fact that the morning band is from 6 to 10 to the laziest and least early risers has 'forced' us to relocate our alarm clocks in order to take advantage and train calmly in the morning. On the one hand, going on an empty stomach, something that is good to do with your head and positive for our body whenever we go crazy. On the other, the pleasure of sunrise, tranquility, the cool, and being at home before 10 am with an active body and that unique feeling that invades you after training.

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