News : The brutal 150-pound squats everyone’s talking about

News : The brutal 150-pound squats everyone’s talking about

The squat or squat is one of the most popular exercises in the world of high performance due to the great involvement of large muscle groups, especially the lower body (quadriceps, glutes and also the lower back).

What is not so common is seeing a set of four repetitions with gigantic weights of up to 394.6 kg as in the video that Sports Illustrated shared that has gone viral. The protagonist, the Pennsylvania shotgun Joe kovacs, silver medalist at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and double world champion.

Performed in the Ohio University gym, it is equivalent to lifting 3 times your body weight (about 130 kgs) in a squat, with nine 20.4 kg weights on each side, and a 27 bar.

Already during the quarantine he had dazzled with 10 repetitions of 320 kilos that did not go unnoticed either. Without a doubt, the duel with the world record holder, Ryan Crouser, is one of the most anticipated moments at the Tokyo Olympics.

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