News : The bus, possible focus of the flood of positives after the Torun European Championship

News : The bus, possible focus of the flood of positives after the Torun European Championship

Bol, Dutch athlete, the most affected team with eight positives after the European Championship in Torun / EFE

The European of Torun, beyond being a spectacular event at the level of brands and memorable performances, is leaving us headlines these later days for something sadder. And it is that once each delegation headed to their relevant countries, cases of coronavirus have been gradually uncovered among the athletes who participated in the competition in the Polish city. Something that, without a doubt, does not speak well of the measures that were taken from the organization to minimize the risk of spreading the virus in a pandemic context where it is vital that these types of championships demonstrate that it is possible to hold this type of event safely.

Eight infected in the Dutch team

One of the most flagrant cases is that of the Dutch team, in which a whopping eight positives for coronavirus have been detected to date. In addition, six other Polish athletes have been infected with COVID, three members of the French staff as well, one of the British staff or the Irish team. In the case of Italy, the jumper ‘Gimbo’ Tamberi announced that he was positive on social networks and that he was almost 40 with a fever, while the ‘eight century’ Simone Barontini has also tested positive. This avalanche of infected has caused most of the delegations to have imposed a quarantine on all the athletes who competed in Torun.

According to the head of the Dutch team, one of the most affected by this flood of infected, it is most likely that the spread occurred on the bus that moved the athletes from the hotel to the track. “The established protocol was not complied with. The athletes had to be transported from the hotel to the Arena Torun Hall in a bus assigned to each team, but there was a lot of confusion. It also didn’t help that it was very cold and they could hardly even wait for their turn to come outside. ” Undoubtedly, the strict protocols that had to be followed were not such and those hotels and shared buses could be a source of transmission of the virus.

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