News : The Business Administration Student Who Made History 33 Years Later

News : The Business Administration Student Who Made History 33 Years Later

At age 20, Sara Gallego has broken the Spanish record of 400 meters hurdles that was in the Wax Museum. And it has been so big that he hadn’t even imagined it. But the fences have not only taught him to resist. Also to be brave.

He is 20 years old and already has the Spanish record for 400 meters hurdles: 55’20 ”.

At age 20, something more important has happened: Sara Gallego has touched the sky with my feet.

The 400 meter hurdles have granted him this wish.

That’s why talking to her is like entering a shopping center where the lights are turned on and we have plenty of reasons to applaud her: “Sara, you are the best, we are proud of you.”

“The truth is, I’m freaking out about this,” he says.

– I couldn’t even imagine it. He didn’t even know what the Spanish record was.

The record had 33 years old: year 1988, Cristina Pérez, 55’23 ”.

We had parked hope.

But in the European Under-23 in Tallinn, Sara Gallego appeared, who, for me, is a brave one who passed “first at the second fence” and who remembered that “Whoever risks sometimes wins.”

And won.

And today here is one talking to her, with Sara Gallego, a girl from Barcelona who studies her third year of ADE (Business Administration and Management), who has passed all the subjects and is currently considered “An athlete who studies.”

– Maybe tomorrow, when I start working, it will be different, but right now, for me, the first thing is athletics because this is the age at which I can get what I’m looking for – he explains.

And he is right: youth passes and does not return.

– I have been doing athletics since I was 6 years old. I have learned the most important: “If you don’t enjoy it, it’s worth nothing.” I learned it from my father, who did obstacles and 800 and is even a physical trainer. In fact, he is my sister’s coach who has done 2’13 ”in 800 this season.

– And why doesn’t he train you?

– It was my sister who asked you. My father would never volunteer and with me, well, look, I think it’s better this way. My father asks me but he doesn’t get involved. Respect my space: “In the end, the one who runs is you”, tells me. At the most, they can give me advice but they will never demand of me. He knows that no one can know about myself as much as myself or my coach.

The fences are part of the personality of Sara Gallego.

– I made 600 and made thousands. I’m not even going to fool you. I have also proposed to run a 100 at full speed. But the day I discovered fences changed my life, because fences are not just about running. On the fences there is rhythm, there is technique, there is speed. From one race to another you don’t know what can happen. I know that fences sometimes make you have a hard time. But I think this happens with all events in athletics. Maybe that’s why you enjoy what you achieve so much later.

Today, Sara Gallego is the purest example.

I dare to ask her if at her age you can die in peace and she is not surprised by the question.

– Recently they asked me what I was looking for in athletics and I said that when I made the record for Spain I would be satisfied. So now that I have achieved it, I can accept that you are right and that I could already die calmly -ironiza.

He is 20 years old.

“Who was going to tell me,” he answers. I hadn’t even had time to imagine it. He didn’t even know what the Spanish record was. But that’s it the greatness of athletics.

In 33 years no one has run as fast in Spain as Sara Gallego: entire generations have gone by without succeeding.

And, suddenly, she at 20 years old.

– They tell me and I freak out again. Nothing ago it was in 57 seconds and now I have to think of 54. But it is that from a young age you can do great things. Age does not limit anything. That is why you always have to think of something else.

And he is happy.

– But I’m not going to hide from him that at the same time you are already thinking about something else, What if I can run in 54 seconds? But it is that athletics is like that. We never finish settling.

– So the record is not enough?

– Yes it is enough. And I appreciate it. And I have enjoyed it. In fact the night I made the mark I felt totally complete. I had done something that fulfilled me to the fullest. I don’t think anything like this has ever happened to me. There is not even no exam you have passed in college that has filled me as much as Spain’s record of 400 hurdles. But now there is nothing that moves me as much as athletics.

In life there is time for everything.

– They are stages. I believe that I am responsible in the studies. I have nothing to blame for myself. I know that athletics is difficult for me to feed myself, but I like it. Since I was little they have taught me that sport is one of the best schools of life. It teaches you to resist and gives you joys that you never forget like the hug I gave myself with my parents after the European Championship. That will always remain there.

Do fences make you younger?

It is a very long-lived test, everyone says so. With almost 30 years you can do it very well. I still lack experience. But I don’t like to look further. I am 20 years old and I have yet to assimilate that I have broken the Spanish record. Y when I found out I opened my eyes and he says’ how is it possible! If I was 56’13 “

“It seems so strong to me,” he adds. Most people tell me, ‘You are very young, you have a long way to go’ and I suppose they are right. I am willing to prove it.

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