News : The ‘calculation table’ that Kilian Jornet uses to train and motivate himself

News : The ‘calculation table’ that Kilian Jornet uses to train and motivate himself

Kilian Jornet, training on the track / Salomon

Time passes and little by little we discover more about Kilian Jornet. After completing the toughest challenges and challenges, such as climb Everest twice in a margin week without oxygen, or flaunt the record of a good part of the ‘skyrunning’ testsSome of them are very tough like the American ‘Hard Rock 100’, this 2020 is helping us so that the Catalan will show us training on the track and horizons to which he was not used to at all. He himself commented a couple of years ago that he could not imagine participating in a road or track event, flat, away from his beloved mountain. But life surprises you and takes turns and, for now, Jornet already debuted a few weeks ago in a 10k in Norway with a more than considerable time of 29:59.

The great 24-hour challenge

Kilian has recently confirmed that he will participate in the so-called 24-hour Phantom Challenge ‘, where he will search a Norwegian track for the World Record of distance traveled in this time (It is currently 303.506km from the Greek Yiannis Kouros in 1997).

He then posted a thread on Twitter in which he shared his feelings and some of the ‘keys’ to his training. “What the hell am I doing running on a track when conditions seem so good on the mountain? Good, I like sports as a tool to get to know ourselves better and try to explore our capabilities in different endeavors. My passion is climbing mountains, which makes me dream, which matters at the end of the day, but to get there it is important to grow and explore capabilities, ”says Kilian.

Kilian’s curious table of ‘extrapolations’

In addition, the runner attaches a curious table that he uses to train and motivate himself and in which some times of a lot of modalities are reflected, “ramifications of my activity” as he says. From 5,000 meters, to the half marathon, 24 hours on the track, the vertical kilometer, the marathon with 4,000 meters of unevenness and various types of ski that the server is unaware of. For example, some marks Kilian has scored are 2:01:37 in the marathon (Kipchoge’s record is at 2:01:39), 58:18 in the median (Kamworor’s record is 58:01), 12 : 27 in the 5,000, 303.5 km in the 24 hours or 28:54 in the vertical kilometer.

As Kilian indicates, “eIt allows us to prepare and think about different mountain activities, and it is interesting to see how far we can go in each effort after a specific training.

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