News : The celebration of the world record 20k march of Wang Jiayu

News : The celebration of the world record 20k march of Wang Jiayu

Wang achieved the World Record of 20k march

That in general Asian athletes are not the most expressive or lavish when it comes to celebrating their successes is something we usually see in any competition of any sport. How many times have we seen world champions, world record holders or even Olympic golds without hardly celebrating their great feats. All this comes as a result of World record set by China’s Wang Jiayu in the 20-kilometer march this Saturday. Another feat of this inexhaustible quarry of marchers that the Asian country has, a superpower in this of the march.

Overtaken Hong by 49 seconds

Jiayu stopped the clock at 1:23:49, beating in 51 seconds the previous record of his compatriot Liu Hong (1:24:38). Precisely Hong, who was second, saw her partner snatch the record from her despite the fact that she also surpassed her previous world record. Hongo entered the finish line in 1:24:27. A spectacular race that took place in the middle of a harsh climate (rain) and with an agglomeration of people on arrival, many of them without a mask.

The funny thing was that on arrival we barely saw Hong celebrate that world record. A slight smile and they quickly passed him a mask and a towel and he disappeared from the plane. Not even the fans who had approached cheered or applauded her. All very cold as can be seen in the video shared by @gabyandersen. As for the men’s event, Kaihua Wang took it with a time of 1:17.

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