News : The challenge of Arbeloa and Valentí Sanjuan in the Madrid Marathon

News :

The challenge of Arbeloa and Valentí Sanjuan in the Madrid Marathon

Sanjuan interviewed Arbeloa via telematics

The ‘youtuber’ and journalist Valentí Sanjuan has had a fun telematic chat with former professional soccer player from Real Madrid or Liverpool and ‘running’ fan Álvaro Arbeloa. There the Salamanca has spoken at length about his current great passion (running), but also about his career as a footballer, anecdotes, etc. Sanjuan, with his usual light-hearted tone, has questioned practically everything about the outspoken white right-hander.

Two major challenges

Among other things, he has launched a curious challenge that Arbeloa has accepted with pleasure and that involves a very important preparation and that carries a ‘punishment’ if it does not end up being met. Sanjuan has challenged Álvaro to finish the next Rock’n Roll Madrid Marathon (which passed its celebration in November due to the coronavirus crisis) in less than three hours. That means running around 4:15 / km, an already quite considerable mark. It should be noted that the former player debuted in the Half Marathon about a year ago in Madrid with a mark of 1:18:38, so he is perfectly capable if he trains to achieve the challenge.

In addition, Sanjuan and Arbeloa have also challenged themselves to finish the ‘Ironman’ in Barcelona in less than 11 hours. It seems that we have challenges and hard training for months in both cases. In case of not obtaining them, Arbeloa has promised to cut his hair with the crest of ‘boar’ from Sanjuan, while the journalist assures that he will become a follower of Madrid if he does not succeed.

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