News : The challenge that gives back the aroma of competition

News :

The challenge that gives back the aroma of competition

Husillo and Adri Ben will face each other in July / RFEA

"Last Tuesday I was folding and I said to myself: “Damn, man, everything is standing still, what if I tell Oscar to mount something?”At first I told him a 600, but since Óscar has been injured on the indoor court and he has not had a tape at home these days we lowered it to 500, which a priori should benefit him a little more. The average distance between 800 and 400 would be 600, but well I have the Spanish Record of 500 at 18, so I think it is a distance that I am good at. ” This is how it emerged the 500 Challenge 500 ’, the face to face between Adri Ben and Óscar Husillos to be held, if the coronavirus crisis allows it, next July.

A format that will depend on the ‘moment’

The idea is that it can be on a track and competing against each other in real time and space, but several scenarios are contemplated in case there is a regrowth or the evolution of the de-escalation was not the pattern. The first option is to try it in the same stadium, in a place that is possible due to its de-escalation conditions.. It would be a face to face, the ideal. Both at the same time. The second option, if it is not possible to be in contact, that each make a time trial, on the same track. The third, if we cannot move because there is a regrowth, each one in its closest city. One in Palencia and one in Lugo, and retransmit it in some way, ”says Ben. What is clear is that both are motivated and they go to work to get to the maximum to the appointment. They are two born competitors and do not like to lose.

Iran breaking down the details

"The idea would be to test both of us, comply with the established health protocol; once done, you can attack that first option. We are going to go through these weeks more details of the challenge, the date, if any sponsor is interested, etc. People are already commenting on networks that if we go for the Record of Spain (in the possession of Samuel García) and I do not know what else, but this is a face to face between the twoLet's get there as we get there. We get along great both and we are going to try to be at the top. We wear different brands, we are from different teams, etc. People are already asking for such an athlete or another to participate, who would give more spectacle, but this is going to be a nice race between two athletes who will give their best, ”says Adri Ben for the Stockbroker.

Spindles, with a slight advantage if both reach the limit

"I think what is important here is that people see that athletes are thinking things, that we want to compete, set goals, even if it is different from what we are used to. Si Oscar and I are pioneers and we inspire others to come behind and challenge themselves, better. Here the federation is not in the middle or anything, it is our initiative. Who do I think will win? If the two of us were to peak, the distance would favor him more, but I don't know, my idea is to go and compete and try to win, of course. It is not an unknown distance for me, I like it. You have to adapt to the times It is for people to enjoy it and to set ourselves objectives, simply ”, qualifies the Galician athlete.

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