News : The champion of Spain that was not

News : The champion of Spain that was not

Sergio López, lived the hardest part of the sport

Many happy faces during the first day of the Spanish Athletics Championship in Madrid. After months of uncertainty se was able to carry out a session without incident, complete and in four locations, an ambitious challenge to minimize risks from the coronavirus pandemic.

Logical joy for the series of champions of Spain that left us this first day. Fernando Carro, Odei Jainaga, Paula Sevilla and company showed that despite all the inclement weather and the headwind that has blown this time, they have remained in shape and continue to be hungry. But there was a face that was the living example of desolation. He was the great favorite to hang the gold in the 100 meters, he arrived like a rocket, but the rawness was primed with him. Too. We talk about Sergio López.

Virtual champion

The speed is being disputed at the Getafe Stadium. López won his semifinal (the third) with 10.51, the best mark of all the Spanish in this round. As we said, it seemed difficult that the gold could escape. The starting gun was fired. The start was apparently good and all the athletes started normally. But around 50 meters some stopped. Apparently, several shots were fired (three). The timing was not working.

That virtual final was going to be won by Sergio on the street. When the first athlete stopped in 50 he was leading first and when they stopped two more in 70 the advantage was even more flagrant. In the broadcast, it was first commented that they were going to maintain the status of that race, but it really was absurd because several had stopped (one in the middle). And finally it was decided that the logical thing was to repeat.

A very hard blow

And in that second attempt López made it void. Disqualified. He went from licking the gold to going home empty (Pablo Montalvo ended up proclaiming himself champion of Spain with 10.40). A failure that cost Sergio dearly, who was sunk, devastated, after that cruel outcome. A very tough moment because he arrived very very strong after a very good preparation. At the age of 21, he had one of the first major setbacks of his fledgling career. It may not comfort you in the least now, but it will serve you well in the future.

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