News : The change in training system that brought Lamdassem to the Record

News : The change in training system that brought Lamdassem to the Record

Lamdassem made history in Valencia / LBDC

Ayad Lamdassem broke any forecast and in the last Valencia Marathon he became the new national marathon record holder. The athlete based in Lleida managed to stop the clock at 2:06:35 and beat Julio Rey’s previous record (2:06:52) by 17 seconds. Almost without believing it, continuously looking at his watch, half crying, he crossed the finish line on a historic day. At 39 he had achieved a feat. Do not forget that just a couple of months before he had achieved his personal best in Poland in a half marathon. So that later they say that close to 40 you are finished. In any case, Lamdassem has offered an extensive interview on the RFEA website in which he reviews his career, his beginnings, how he arrived in Spain from his country of birth, Morocco, how he prepared the appointment in Valencia.


When crossing the finish line in Valencia I cried with emotion, It has been many years of work to get here, it was a dream come trueAyad says, adding that “eIt is true that we have met several athletes of a high level this year in marathon, but I trust to be there and in fact my preparation is already focused solely on Tokyo 2021“. Without a doubt, the decision by the coach will not be easy at all.

Arrival in Spain

That decision marked me and several athletes and I decided that in 2002 we would settle accounts for it, and that is why we decided to escape at the Cross World Cup held in Santiago and stay in Spain. The idea was to escape after running the World Cup, but they had hidden our passports and we found them the day before the competition, so we decided to catch them and flee before competing“He explains about the probably most complicated decision of his life.

On the reason for this leap in terms of brands and performance at 39, Ayad tries to explain: “This last year I have trained sharing with my coach Antonio, and also following other methods that Italians use, with more kilometers but less quality and this system has been good for me. With the Covid, at the beginning, like all athletes, I was very angry because we could not compete, but having prepared only this marathon test and not having competed as in previous years has made me arrive very well. I think other seasons came with a lack of mileage because we had many previous competitions and that wears you down and takes away a lot of training, not only because of the competition but because of the trips. Keep in mind that we have always been doing 20-30 competitions a year … it is clear that due to the Covid situation and not being able to compete as before, it has made me arrive whole“.

I was thinking of starting to work on something else and quit athletics, because I am already one age, all three children“He comments on the past recently and a reflection that he was forced to make.

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