News : the clitoral sucker to run (you) without leaving home

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the clitoral sucker to run (you) without leaving home

If by now you have not passed a meme with a joke that has to do with it Satisfyer, or you have not heard this name in life, we would tell you that it is impossible. East clitoris sucker It has revolutionized the sex market and occupies endless conversations.

Do you want to know why you are successful and what are the benefits and disadvantages of a stimulator such as Satisfyer Pro 2, Satisfyer's best selling model Who has even obtained a nomination for the German Design Award 2019?

Well, you've come to the right place. Below in-depth analysis of the best clitoral sucker on the market (or not…)

Why buy a clitoris sucker?

“The Next Sexual Revolution”

That's the headline that the Satisfyer brand uses to promote its best-selling clitoris sucker: the Pro 2 Next Generation.

Health benefits

The advantages that orgasm has for health are very broad and it is true that you do not always have the possibility of getting it with a partner. Hence it is important to also benefit from it without the help of anyone else!

That said, the main healthy benefits of having an orgasm are:

  1. Immune system improvement. Do you generate more perfect antibodies to fight colds!
  2. Burn calories. Yes, as you hear it, the more intense and longer the sexual activity, the more calories you will burn.
  3. Goodbye to stress. With each orgasm your body generates endorphins and oxytocin, the substances of relaxation.
  4. Endorphins also have anxiolytic effects. They help you fall asleep. If they are all advantages!
  5. Improvement of mood. This has to do with the release of oxytocin, a hormone that is responsible for increasing happiness levels.
  6. It looks shiny skin. Orgasm increases blood circulation and releases oxygen to the skin, which translates into greater brightness and healthier and cleaner appearance.
  7. Healthy heart. Sexual activity lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of diseases and heart attacks.

And all of them can be obtained with a clitoris sucker like Satisfyer. Isn't it amazing how we have evolved with technology?

Feminist claim

On its official website, the brand makes clear from the outset that an article of this nature is a symbol of women's claim, of empowerment for women. And pleasure, of course.

And what if the message has stamped.

Orgasms in less than 2 minutes

But not only the promotion of Pro 2 has led him to success. Its technology performance and results guarantee bursts of pleasure and that, added to the positive opinions of buyers, has meant a real revolution in sales, as we said at the beginning.

Who wouldn't want to try a device that takes you to orgasm in just 2 minutes?

But well, now you will be thinking: OK, but there are hundreds of stimulators in the market. What does Satisfyer have that others don't have?

There were already clitoral stimulators before the arrival of Satisfyer, but the fundamental novelty is how this stimulation is done. In this case, we talk about a stimulation through waves of vibrations and pulsations that covers a much wider area than any conventional stimulator seen so far.

The result?

86% of women who have tried Satisfyer confirm that they have reached orgasm in less than 2 minutes.

Stimulation occurs indirectly, inside and out, and at different intensities. Basically, these devices work by attracting blood to the clitoris and creating a "void." And all this in a super subtle way through a medical silicone head that surrounds the clitoris without touching it.

Nothing can fail.

What satisfyer to buy: the best 4

If you are already clear that you want to buy a Satisfyer clitoris sucker you will have to read its technical characteristics and compare the different models available in the market.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is the best selling, but other versions of the stimulator also have a place in the market.

Satisfyer Pro 2: the best stimulator?


What can we say about the best clitoral stimulator in the market?

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has delighted thousands of Spanish women (some husbands not so much).

Its design does not change with respect to its predecessor, it is still just as elegant. And it can be used in the bathtub because it is submersible!

Its innovative technology of vibrations and waves that stimulate the clitoris without the need for contact are its most popular compliment. That added to the incorporation of a button ± in the handle to increase or reduce intensity have made it the most acclaimed of all models.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Sex Tools Fantasy Shanhai Pro 2: next generation

It is the best selling model. It has 11 levels of intensity and with a single click on the button located on the handle of the dildo you can start the massage without even having contact with the clitoris if you don't want to.

This model incorporates buttons to increase or decrease the intensity during use, something to be grateful for. It has also been manufactured with a wider and larger head that improves touch and comfort of use. In addition, it includes a less bright light, a more powerful engine and much quieter than the previous version.

The end nozzle is made of soft and ultra soft medical silicone. The battery is recharged with the included USB charger cable.

It has a quieter whisper mode, is waterproof and works underwater.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus Vibration and Pro 2 Plus Vibration 3

Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus Vibration

Clitoral stimulation with pressure waves vibrations and without the need for contact. It doesn't sound bad, right?

Up to 11 pressure intensities and 10 control programs has this Satisfyer which, in addition, is super nice and elegant in design. The brand ensures that it is one of the quietest models (includes whisper mode)

Made of hypoallergenic silicone, they have 2 independent control motors, are waterproof, easy to clean and work with rechargeable liutium ion battery (USB cable included)

You can not ask for more.

Satisfyer Men for men

Can men also reach orgasm with Satisfyer?

Of course.

Not only is it a sex toy that can be used alone or as a couple, but a model specially designed for men is also available: the Satisfyer Men.

Satisfyer reviews

We have reviewed some of the opinions of Amazon buyers, which give a total rating of 4.4 out of 5, and we have collected these opinions that leave the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation between 4 and 5 stars:

User Anabel says:Wonderful. The only downside it has is that it continues to make a lot of noise, but the power and the result is great. I recommend it."

Ana Pallares adds: “What an invention! I bought it with many expectations and it has exceeded them. It's great."

Gemita says:Pleasure insured in record time. Recommendable."

Prophet says: “I have tried it with my partner and it is wonderful. In a minute he had several very intense orgasms. ”

Price and best offers

How much does the Satisfyer cost?

It depends on the model you want to buy. In general, you will find the best prices and offers on Amazon.

For example, him Satisfyer Pro 2 can be bought from 33.06 euros and is the best selling currently.

He Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, version after Pro 2, can be purchased from 40.99 euros.

The model Pro 2 Plus Vibration can be purchased from 36.50 euros

As for the Satisfyer for men, it's purchasable from 19 euros, Cheaper yet!

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