News : The controversial 2018 FCA elections are reopened

News :

The controversial 2018 FCA elections are reopened

Joan Villuendas, current president of the FCA, in a file image

Joan Villuendas reissued by one vote (37-36) his mandate in the elections of the Catalan Federation of Athletics in 2018. He beat Mercè Rosich, who remained at the gates of championing change in the highest body of Catalan athletics. The vote was held at the Extraordinary General Assembly in the auditorium of the teaching building of the Consell Català de l'Esport de Esplugues de Llobregat.

The TGJ agrees to carry out an expert investigation

Rosich had resigned a few months before at the Club Atlètic Manresa and had previously been part of the FCA during the Romà Cuyàs stage in the presidency. But something did not smell good and he decided to take action to get to the bottom of the matter in a vote that he believed had been adulterated.. Two and a half years ago that. Rosich first went to the Català de l’Esport Court, which dismissed his appeal and did not respond to part of his allegations. Then he decided to refer the instance to the General Court of Justice. After more than a year of waiting this has considered it and they will ask three clubs whose signatures do not coincide to make the expert test.

The magistrate, apparently, has seen that something was not clear. Such information has already reached the Català de l’Esport Court and the FCA itself. We will see how this mess ends, but in any case the controversy seems far from being settled.

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